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A More Just Novato for Racial Equity

A 4-Session Speaker Series

This Not In Our Town Novato Speaker Series will occur on four sequential dates using a Zoom Webinar format. We expect to generate enough enthusiasm with our young adult panelists to complete all four sessions. Dealing with race is challenging work and decisions about moving each session forward must be made based on genuine community interest and commitment.  

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1. Establish a common understanding about the impact of racism in Novato, to inform and consider sustainable efforts to stop hate, fight bias and address microaggressions/bullying in all forms.

2. Confront and eliminate discriminatory policies and practices that dehumanize African Americans and other communities of color, while simultaneously cultivating trusting relationships across racial and ethnic lines in our town. 


Session 1: Through the eyes and experiences of young adults of color, examine racism in Novato and learn how it dehumanizes and exploits African Americans and other communities of color. 

Session 2:  Continue the examination of systemic racism in Novato and hear more from students and graduates about their ideas and solutions for exposing racism and healing the community.    

Session 3: Create alliances to confront racial inequities and illustrate how these dehumanizing practices impact the economic well-being and mental health of African Americans and other communities of color.  Begin to consider remedies.  

Session 4: Develop antiracist remedies and action plans to create sustainable social change and level Novato’s playing field for all citizens. 


• confronting issues of racism, discrimination and white privilege may feel uncomfortable for some participants 
• a community of willing allies will emerge and trusting relationships will be formed
• shared agreements for listening to each other and working together will be created
• lasting alliances working for sustainable, measurable change will lead to antiracist habits of mind and practice

Zoom Session Overviews

Zoom Session 1: A facilitated panel of high school students and young adults will discuss their experiences with racism in Novato.  Participants will listen without interruption and may submit questions by chat. These questions will be considered at the end of Session 1 with follow up in Session 2.  Notes from Session 1 will be distributed to the audience in preparation for Session 2 and to encourage additional community participation.  (Thursday, Feb. 11, 2021 6:30 pm PT)

Zoom Session 2:  Based on the feedback from Session 1, panelists will continue to share their experiences and solutions for confronting racism in schools, shops, parks, restaurants, the workplace, etc. Participants and panelists may be divided into “break out rooms” for extended conversations about racial inequity, its systematic and dehumanizing impact on Novato’s communities of color and how racism continues to be supported by institutional practices.  Facilitator(s) will guide the breakout process and review the objectives of these sessions.  (Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021 6:30 pm PT)

Zoom Session 3:  Small group alliances will be solidified to identify local policies that lead to inequitable practices in the community.  Antiracist habits of mind and practice will be discussed to combat dehumanizing racist policies. In break-out rooms, participants will consider and draft remedies to combat institutional racism in Novato. (Thursday, Mar. 11, 2021 6:30 pm PT)

Zoom Session 4:  Action plans for social change will be critiqued, refined, and prioritized.  Action steps will be created and assigned to allies with the goal of undoing inequitable practices to ensure a more inclusive, antiracist Novato. (Thursday, Mar. 25, 2021 6:30 pm PT)

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NIOT Novato is part of a local and national grassroots effort to build safe, inclusive communities for all. The City of Novato, Novato Police Department, Novato Unified School District and North Marin Community Services have come together with residents to help move this important work forward.

We often hear of new hate crimes in the news. People of color, synagogues, immigrants, mosques and LGBQT people are threatened daily. This new level of hate has prompted local leaders and residents to come together to build a safe community. This group was created in 2018 and continues on its purpose and its movement to be a Gold Star City. It’s time the world take action against hate. And coming together with our neighbors is one of the strongest bonds we can create.

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