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I'm calling on All of Worldstock Entertainment's Activist friends 
 Will you join us in the Public Outcry to help us develop & implement a plan / program of ACTION to eliminate the ROOT causes of tragedies such as this ? The politicians & people in power I've approached have been quick to TALK , but when it comes to ACTING , they've not Stepped Up !
 Another school tragedy in another community has made it IMPERATIVE to get this initiative started With or Without POLITICIANS .
 I went as far as personally handing a short version of the concept to Alan Krueger , Obama's Chief Economic Adviser when he gave a talk at the Rock Hall a couple months back , but sincerely doubt the President even laid eyes on it !


Reaching , Teaching & Saving Our Children Combatting Inequality & Injustice wherever it is encountered Promoting Peace , Understanding & Brotherhood among all Humanity


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