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Not In Our School Anti-Bullying Video Action Kit

Not In Our School Video Action Kit

The Not In Our School (NIOS) Video Action Kit is a comprehensive toolkit featuring 20 films, lessons, and resources designed to motivate students to speak out against bullying, and create new ways to make their schools safe for everyone.

Newly updated with lessons aligned to Common Core State Standards and California Health Education Content Standards, the NIOS Video Action Kit provides tools you can use to activate your entire school community, and incorporate social-emotional learning and identity-safe practices throughout your school.

The NIOS Video Action Kit contains everything you need to need to launch your own Not in Our School anti-bullying campaign, including:

  • Original Not in Our Town DVD and lesson guide

  • Not in Our Town: When Hate Happens Here DVD and lesson guide

  • 18 short films showcasing positive student action, with lessons organized by theme and grade level

  • Step-by-step Not In Our School Quick Start Guide

  • Resources for supporting your NIOS initiatives

  • Personal stories from teachers and students who have successfully led NIOS initiatives

  • Not In Our School buttons

  • Not In Our School posters

  • Sample Not In Our School pledges

View a sample NIOS Video Action Kit video and lesson

Video: “Students Map Bully Zones to Create a Safer School” (8:09 min)

Lesson: “Students Map Bully Zones to Create a School" (Grade Level: Middle School - High School)

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