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Not in Boone County, KY

About this group

  • Group Name: Not in Boone County, KY
  • Location: Florence, KY
  • Regular meetings: tba

Activities, Challenges & Lesssons Learned


1- get enough members together to meet and work up a plan of action. . 
2- It may be necessary to stage a counter-protest against hate and discrimination or a rally in support of targeted groups. 


Local government officials are supportive generally and may be approached for help. Some church groups may also be supportive. 


Local Muslims want to build a mosque in Florence. There is much opposition. We need to stand together to prevent violence before it occurs since Muslims have been targets of hate crimes, discrimination and propaganda. Also members of ethnic minority groups, especially Hispanics and Asians, have been facing ignorance and discrimination. Racism is not extinct, unfortunately. In the past, unpopular Christian religious groups have faced discrimination and opposition. The community ultimately supported their efforts to build a Creationist Museum in our county.