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Students Take On Cyberbullying (8 min)

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Middle School (6-8)

Students Take On Cyberbullying

When Facing History teachers Jamie Lott and Mary Sok asked their World Cultures class about bullying at their school, the class described the hallways as safe. But after listening to a presentation given by hate crimes task force officer Dave D'Amico, they started a discussion about the widespread problem of online bullying, and how they as a class could take the first steps toward preventing it.

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This video is part of the Not In Our School Video Action Kit, a comprehensive toolkit featuring films, lessons, and resources designed to motivate students to speak out against bullying, and create new ways to make their schools safe for everyone. Learn more about the Video Action Kit.


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When I was in 8th grade, three girls posted a video making fun of me...they called me mean words. They posted it on everyone's wall and everybody commented agreeing. I took it to the school board and the three girls were all expelled out of the school system, and I eventually got off my depression medication. DON'T LET THE SAME HAPPEN TO YOU. TAKE IT TO THE SCHOOL. ALWAYS TALK TO A FRIEND OR A TRUSTED ADULT!

I have been a member of this group for years, loving all of the different artwork of characters i know and getting to know artist's own original characters. However recently, after an incident where i commented on wishing to add Jade from Jackie Chan Adventures along with a picture of two other women named Jade, people i have never even met are slandering me and calling me a pedophile, posting slam pages with links to my page on their own blogs to constantly harrass me to no end.

And despite the fact i block these peope one after another for the past month, i have been informing the Admins of DA of this constant harrassment, posting many incident reports, and informing them that just blocking them is not doing enough. I have not heard a single word back from them that they are doing anything to fix the problem. I have sent in at least 30 reports of this constant slander and harrassment in less than week and they still have not even contacted me back once.

I wish to report that Deviantart appears to be doing absolutly nothing to stop Cyberbullying.

but why do kid's go throw these every single day just to make the bully feel better that is  so wrong don't post stuff about people just because u don't like that person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was very helpful.


i become a victum of cyberbulling in the sixth grade. i dropped out of school at the age of 16 because everyone eas picking on me. people put alot of stuff on face book and sent me really mean texts messages. no one would leave me alone about all the rumers that were going around. so i decited that i was going to kill myself. so i tried and tried and tired. finally a wonderful man came into my life name matt. and talked me back into going to school,  ill be 20 when i graduate high school. anyways just yeaterday i receved 7 txt messages saying i was a whore and im worthless and they wouldnt tell me who they were so you know what i did? I went to my superatendent at my school and now shes going to take care of this little problem i refuse to let myself be torn down like that. soon i am goin to make a page on facebook about cyberbulling to if a random person adds you just know its me. you can post your stories ask for help andything you need dont worry ill be there. dont let anyone tell you your not worth it. okay? everyoe deserves a great education and a wonderful life. And i am from Oklahom; ill be gl;ad to help you with anything you need help with. together we can stop cyberbulling

That is excellent AND  I think it is great that you are standing up and working with the superintendant.  That is a great person to go to for help, as this person knows the laws and knows the trouble the district can

get into if they ignore this.  This is a person who can help.  Great Job!!

 I wish  Dave D'Amico  would come and speak at my school !

          Ive heard about bullying, saw it too. I just have one thing to say. DO NOT CARE. Never care about what others say. You are you, and thats all that matters.


No, that is not how it works. You're an idiot, if you were being harassed constantly everyday, everywhere, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't just be able to ignore and "be yoursef".

That person is not an idiot, please be constructive when commenting.  The person was trying to make a positive statement without a clear understanding.  That is all.  Absolutely, it is true that day after day of being treated badly will affect a person's state of mind, especially an adolescent.  Kids believe what others

tell them.  They begin to believe negative things said to them by their peers, even though it is not true.

NIOT should be in every school system as a taught program and implemented into every town.  This is an

amazing program that gives hope that it may truly make a huge difference.

Avoidance or Ingorance is not the issue to this problem. We simply cannot expect anyone, child, teen, or adult to just "ignore" harassment or violence taken against them. Especially in this day and the technological age. When someone's lies and slander against someone goes "viral" it is almost impossible to stop it. This not only affects a person in the present but can affect their future.

ACTION is the way to stop this issue.... students, parents, educators, must take a stand and identify bullying when it begins, its the only way we can make changes.  

We should have these anti-bullying laws in every state. Nobody should have to go through these experiences. Young people today are so mean, they don't care who they hurt nor do they face any consequences. I have never been personally bullied but I have been able to stand up for some. I don't believe that I have done enough or do as much as I should for this cause. I promise to all of the people who are being bullied or feel like they have nobody to turn to that they are always able to confide in me or lean on me for support. I hope that everyone will start fighting this. When people start to lose their lives, it is time to do something. One big factor is that parents don't punish their kids. The kids see parents being bullies and that is a huge contributing factor. Maybe we as parents need to set better examples. I am only 20 years old but I am a mother of a 10 month old precious baby girl. I don't want her growing up in a community like this. I don't want her to grow up and not love herself or her life. For my daughters sake, or any other future children and for anyone..I will stand up and fight for what I believe in. It is truly heartbreaking and feels like a heavy burden that I have started to carry. I feel it is my duty to help people going through this. Everyone should feel this way. I intend on pursuing this to the best of my ability.

I support you 100%

 My daughters are bullied at school to the point that they dont even want to be there... They are very smart a nd i do not want it to affect them what can i do to get the school more in tune?

Recently, new laws in 48 states assure that schools address bullying immediately with training for staff and specific steps. The process of getting a school to take action about bullying still needs everyone to participate. If your child is complaining about being bullied, first go to the child's teacher. Ask for a meeting to discuss the issue fully. Then, if things do not improve, move up the chain of command to the principal and if needed to the school district. Also, ask the school what they are doing to keep the school safe. Ask what kind of training has been done for staff? Ask about supervision during lunch, recess, and on school buses. Get a copy of the school's plan to address bullying.  Sometimes, school personnel cannot tell you information about what they have done to discipline the other student. Also, be aware, if your child hits back, even if provoked, the school policies dictate that your child will also receive some form of discipline.  Keep open lines of communication with your child to assure things are improving. If needed, get counseling or outside support.  Also, get involved in helping make the school a place where all students feel safe and where they all feel they belong. Addressing these issues are not easy. Tell the school about Not In Our School- share the videos. Help the school address these extremely important issues. MOST IMPORTANTLY: BE THERE FOR YOUR CHILD!

Always Tell an Adult. They will always help! :)

 why do people start to bullyn people online is it because no one can stop them or because they dont have feelings and they were hurt the same way buy up front inperson by friends,parent, teacher, or kids they dont like.........................why is cyberbullying still going on???

they probably have been treated the same way like u said or they have nothin better to do or the have no feelings for who or what they do or say . 


Its because people are mean and are upset because u have something u dont........I am a student doing a project on cyber-bullying and it says 85% of people cyber-bullied dont get help at all because they have been told they will get hurt. So some people just dont have the time to find the good in people and find all the bad. In my mind, I think it takes away alot of energy


The student

My 7 year old boy have been going to ViewMont elementary, He have been pushed around and beaten a couple times and the time he stood up and talked about it no one did anything to fix it. So he wanted to learn how to defend himself in case a group of kids would attack him again, so I took him to lessons, and again a couple kids tried to hurt him and this time he fought back and is now suspended for it. Where's this schools at? Who's helping this victims?

at my school i have not seen any bullying the only bullying i see is the ones on t.v that is it.

I'am in my computers class right now and i was told to watch this video. I laughed and thought to myself "this is going to be the stupidest thing ever." As I begun the video it really started to interest me and now I cant wait to get home and get online and stop any cyberbullying that I see! And make sure that from now on i wont be just a bystander. (:

i hate bullys


DUH, we ALL do.

Bullies only pick on you cuz they dont feel better until someone else is suffering instaed of them. Well bullying is super wrong and nobody should be bullied. That is final. Speak up if you are being bullied or cyberbullied. Nobody should want to die because of someones lies.


cyber bullying is something we all tend to disagree with but i see people claiming facebook as the main source, im here to say no,  i have witnessed several instances of cyberbullying on Xbox Live while playing Call of Duty.  these games have a rating of "M" and we are told that these types of games are marketed towards 17 year olds and up,  yet i find myself in the company of 7 to 14 year olds more often than not,  and the mature responsilbe gamers tend to bully the younger ones.  the games are not the issue here, the issue is the parents.  Parents are enabling cyber bullying by purchasing games for thier children that they rightly should not own or even see.  my own little brother who is now 13 is talking about getting a conceal carry because he can use it to threaten bullys.  So if we really want to make an impact on cyber bullying, the first thing we must do is prevent children from gaming online in war type games.  



The Real Voice 

I hear my middle school students talk about playing Call of Duty quite often.  They have also mentioned MANY instances of cyber-bullying while playing this game.  I completely agree that parents need to be more involved with the online gaming that their son or daughter is engaging in. 

What does cyberbulying have to do with xbox?! You cant blame the kid for playing it and first of all why do you let the kid play it in the first place....

The problem isn't the type of game (War) or the game itself. Its the people on the mics within the game. It doesn't matter what game you play people will talk. If you think the problem is Xbox Live/PSN then don't buy the system. It's the parents choice and even in games that are rated E-T there is still the same instances of "cyber-bullying" in other games. It has nothing to do with the actual games or the system.

          I'm in computers class right now and I just want to take two minutes to write this. I have seen bullying. Even if it was online it's still hurtful. I have never been bullied, but I can feel a person's pain and honestly, no one deserves to be treated that way. If you have a problem with someone, fine, just keep it to your self or avoid the person, but telling someone to their face or online or telling others to dislike that person is only making you stupid, dislikeable and ugly. So, think before you react and hopefully what you do is P O S I T I V E, because I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to be treated like you're not human.

 i dont understand how many people can talk about how bad it is to cyberbully, when there is not nothing being done about the problem... The question i have is, What are you going to do to try to change people from cyberbullying?!

Thats the point of the video. By raising awareness you could realize the negative effects of your actions and not cyberbully people.  And there is a lot being done about this topic not just spoken of as you claim. Check out the laws in place in your own state. I know that new jersey has recently passed legislation to prevent and punish bullying in 2010. We had to talk about it because if you dont say anything as you see something happening that you dont like, how will it ever change? Bullying has led to too many suicides and in NJ at the height of things the anti-bullying law was passed. read this article:

I completely agree with you. Cyberbullying is terrible and needs to be stopped. It seems as thought no one is doing anything about it though. So it continues on...

well cyberbullying shouldnt be  worldwide because thats just a lack of disrespect...... ive seen alot of bullying at school places home everywhere and i just stay shcked because i dont get how people can be real mean to persons that are not their size or age or even some that dont have da same high class as them....... 'NUFF SAID'

It's great to see students learning and coming up with strategies to help stop Cyber bullying and being motivated to create change...students really need to be a part of the change process and in doing this they need to see the power of their actions when they become upstanders rather than bystanders (that don't take action). I thought it was interesting when they said...if we stand up, then we are know for that forever - how much better to be known as someone that stands up for wrong than someone who creates and spreads hate messages or rumours.  And if the school enourages students to do this together - to stand up and say no together to help stop cyber bullying...then how much more powerful this will be. Keep up the great work...

i am currently a freshman in highschool, and i have had my fare share of bullying...

both girls and guys are very vicious and don't realize how their words make others feels. they make comments about my nationality, my past relationships, my height, and my body. being insecure doesn't help the situation at all. i have realized that kids only say nasty things to make themselves feel better or if they want to have power. i have learned how to block out their words and see the brighter side of things.

unfortunately, other kids are not as lucky as i am. sucicide has happened because of bullying and i find it sick. i don't understand why nothing has been done about this. yes, schools are cracking down on bullying, but warnings and suspension do not stop someone from continuing with the harsh comments.

we need a change. there are laws on harassment, but i feel like there should be laws to cover all of cyberbullying. cyberbulling is going to get a lot worse if we don't take charge of it now. there should be change now instead of suffering with the consequences later.

most of the time it is the popular kids in schools are the bullies i am in the popular crowd   

are you? are you really

As long as you aren't the bully, and are trying to stop it, then good.

just because you are in a popular crowd dosent mean u are a bully because im just like you and i treat everyone the same i would like to be treated!!

i was bullyed when i was a kid being called ugly fat stupid but i did not wana handel it any moe so i took mater into my own hands i started to stand up to my self ignore them tell a teacher

thats amazing!!


fight cyberbulling

why do people bully other people anyway!!!!!!?????????

 Because they desire to have power over another and they enjoy the feeling that someone else is terrified of them.

Because they need to feel good about them selves and they think that cyber bullying will make them cool

purely instinct to be at the top by hurting others, people who bully are not human, but animal, simplry put.

When I was a LOT younger, i used to be a bully, but now i think that it is stupid. I mean, there was nothing wrong with me then, I just felt like, since i was older than them, that they were trash! I am glad i stopped.

 I'm glad you learned your lesson because most bullied enjoy hurting others once they found that that was a solution to their own pain.

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