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Students Take On Cyberbullying (8 min)

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Middle School (6-8)

Students Take On Cyberbullying

When Facing History teachers Jamie Lott and Mary Sok asked their World Cultures class about bullying at their school, the class described the hallways as safe. But after listening to a presentation given by hate crimes task force officer Dave D'Amico, they started a discussion about the widespread problem of online bullying, and how they as a class could take the first steps toward preventing it.

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This video is part of the Not In Our School Video Action Kit, a comprehensive toolkit featuring films, lessons, and resources designed to motivate students to speak out against bullying, and create new ways to make their schools safe for everyone. Learn more about the Video Action Kit.


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People all over the world have to deal with racism, not just you. I used to have that a lot, but I kept on going. Know that you're not alone. Find kids like you, or just keep being friendly and prove them all wrong.


Everyone can be important. You? You are exceptional.

I was bullied from K-6th grade so i think i know how to help.

1. Ignore them. they might stop if they know it doesnt bother you

2. tell a teacher. It might seem lame, but it helps.

3. tell a parent. again, it might be lame but it helps

thats all i got. if they start to physicly harm you, tell a teacher right away.


 No need to pay attention to them. You're strong. They're the weak minded ones to take part in such actions. be proud of who you are. They're sadly immature. D:

why do people bully???? do they think it is cool. will its not

 cyberbullying should be alygal for all states and all around the world

the cb should stopp there is to many death of kids from cb


bullys bully because they get bullied


 Ive been Cyberbullied before. It doesnt feel good at all. Made me go home everyday crying to my parents about it. And wanting to hurt myself because that person was talking so much about me. And now were best friends. But still cyberbullying is HORRIBLE! It should never happen.






(bang bang)


hehehe i totally agree!!! thats so true because i have been cyber bullyed:( and its now fun:\

that rap awesome its the best on i ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

iam againts cyber bullies!!!!!!!

 bullies are losers tht just feel bad about themselves so they blow out on other ppl

When I got into middle school I wasn't really payed much attention. No one talked to me and even now no one really talks to except to say mean words. Bullying isn't nice and should be stopped. Bullies should know that it does affect other peoples lives.

 never fight fire with fire. That's dumb logic. Never suck up to bullies either. That's worse. So what can you do?

Some say go with the flow until high school ends.

I say just speak up and let them hear you out. I think if you were to make them feel pity, then they would eventually stop.

I've never been bullied (only by my damn brother or sister), and there aren't bullies really at my school. So i dont know how hard this may be. But i do know that it hurts a lot to be called different or something. Im a very short girl. People don't say it directly but its just the little things like "can you get me that book, Oh nvm, your too short" or "your tiny for a 10th grader!" Yeah, not as bad, but you know, it still hurts a bit. Sometimes i laugh it off, and that's why it doesn't become so serious. Well i look on the bright side (: 

Being short is awesome! I can pretend im a child and get discounts on all you can eat (; 

I just stumbled on this website because im doing  a report of cyberbullying. 

 that ment a lot to me thank you and other people should read stop and think "i should stop bullying the kids i bully" that would be the smart choyse 

im writing a essay about bullying this page really helped STOP BULLYING NOW>!

Internet harassment is one of the major risks to our children online. The results can be fatal with suicides resulting from the abuse occurring daily.


my point is why do they pick on others i got picked on the 1st day of school

dont let them get to you stad up and start telling someone you know

i  told everyone who i thought will help me


                                                                          REGINA ANDERSON

For many years I have been bullied. I hated the feeling. I've made a goal in my lifetime since then. To start a group call A.B.A for anti-bullying association. I've hated feeling miserable everyday of my life. Feeling worthless. I have trouble at home, also. It will never get better. I vowed to help all in trouble. So they will never feel the way I felt. Cyberbulling is horrid and immature. I'm only 16 and I can't help much. But 1word 1second 1person 1life is saved. People can go throughout their lives not realizing that bullying is serious. until it happens to them..

 While I haven't been Cyberbullied directly yet, I do know the sad outcome of many cases... I just wish people could look ahead and truly see what a simple word can do to a person. This is a great video, and I agree that we need more people who will stand up for eachother instead of joining the main group.

  We have all said that things that we wish we could take back, and that we are not proud of, but I can honestly say that I have never deliberately bullied someone over the internet. I made this choice because I know how it feels to be bullied. It makes someone feel like they are unwanted and that everyone is against them. We can control cyberbullying at our school by having assemblies to speak out against it. 


tell an adult if you see somebody getting bullied, otherwise it could get worse

No I have never actually been cyberbuilled but I've seen it happen. I have never cyberbuilled anyone because I think that is horrible and nobody should ever be bullied. Because people get really hurt and sad. I think we can stop this at GHS by if you do get cyberbuilled tell someone so you two or a group can work it out. 


 the bully doesnt gain anything from bullying i dont get what the point is for the person bullying to bully the victim they dont gain anything

I think cyber bulling should just stop. It hurts people and for what good reason none.

Cyberbulling is one of the most common things that occurs in high school. It hurts other people's feelings and everyone needs to put a stop to it. Most people have probably bullied someone or has been bullied by someone in their life. No matter what the circumstance, bullying is not okay. We need to put a stop to bullying.

I feel that bullying should stop. I have been bullied at school, online, through texts. I was bullied by people who were best friends, strangers, people who knew nothing about what goes on inside my head. I had only a few friends from preschool to 5th grade, 6th grade blows up in your face, you think you can start new and fresh but then you realise that people only stab you in the back. I was cyber bullied and regular bullied in 6th grade. i had reported them for it and my school talked to him, he was bullying many people, so many people knew but in order to keep his popularity he threatened people with gossip or with fights or anything he could, it ruined mine and my close friend's happiness and i was so mad that i kept reporting him for stuff others wouldn't but it isn't enough the school needs proof but this kid just loves to win and stay popular. No one but a few people know what he is like when he is mad, he is a horrible person. People have cut, attempted suicide, had to torture themselves, suffer through hours, days, weeks, months, years of suffering from him and the school does nothing to help. All these student know the same thing and it isn't just about rumors it's about people experiencing it. people see the snapchat posts, the proof, the pictures, the outcomes, and they sit there. i want to teach people to stand up, speak up, step up, to help these victims that have suffered a lot. i want to help to try to stop bullying. i wonder what would have happened if people could see what they do to the people they bully. I've gone to school before wanting nothing more than to disappear when my bully looked at me, i was a mess, having panic attacks in every class, blowing up in front of friends, it was terrible and it was all because people were spreading lies about me. This needs to stop, the suffering, the bullying, the pain people inflict on others. and adults NEED to see what really goes on in kid's life, they will realise it is not much different from when they were kids there are only more ways for kids to be bullied.

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