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The New York Times explores the toll of homegrown extremists.
The role of law enforcement in school safety
Read the interim report from March 2015
Find the BJS and COPS guide on protecting privacy and constitutional rights
Hate and bias crimes are a widespread problem within the United States. In 2012, hate crime estimates are close to 300,000. Less than 6,000 were reported.
Working to close the gap
The FBI Guidelines and Training Manual
“Constant dialogue between police and local citizens, between faith leaders and youth, and other similar initiatives, goes a very long way ”
Three podcasts available for download.
Philly Chief Ramsey on Community Policing
Waking in Oak Creek profiles a suburban community and local law enforcement attempting to heal after a hate crime shooting kills six worshippers at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin.
A guide for law enforcement and community partners to prevent and respond to hate crimes
One of the most popular workshop sessions from the 2013 National Community Prosecution Summit hosted by The Association of Pr
This guide identifies discussion questions and community policing best practices for law enforcement organizing screenings
A community resource guide to prevent and respond to hate crimes and bias incidents.
A hate crimes prosecutor shares five things law enforcement and communities can do to help.
These principles come from the Wisconsin police department that has worked closely with the community both before and after a tragic hate crime.
Law enforcement tools from our first webinar
Lessons from Billings, Montana
Iowa sheriff cites NIOT in hate prevention talk at National Sheriff's Association Conference
Gilbert, AZ grapples with tensions as it transforms from farming town to diverse community.
After LGBTQ hate crimes, D.C. creates task force to strengthen police-community relations.
Detectives look for hate symbols, both discreet and on full display.
Resources available for free download to help you organize and promote local screening events.
A deputy attorney general reflects on the power of Not In Our Town.
After double homicide, police department brings community together to screen film and spark dialogue.
A Redlands, CA human relations commissioner reflects on community film screening.
A primer on hate crimes and incidents.