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Webinar: Building Relationships with the Muslim Community

Communities across the country are facing an increase in anti-Muslim intolerance. In the aftermath of the San Bernardino terror attack and the rhetoric surrounding the incident, the need is greater than ever for law enforcement to engage with the Muslim community to create safe and inclusive communities for all. This Law Enforcement Leaders Webinar, held on March 15, 2016, highlighted ways your agency can reach out to your community to ensure safety, prevent hate violence and bridge differences. The webinar was hosted by Not In Our Town, as part of a collaboration with U.S. Department of Justice - COPS Office, Safe and Inclusive Communities Initiative.


The hour-long webinar featured three law enforcement professionals from around the country with hands-on experience working with community members and highlighted their agency's outreach efforts to the Muslim community, local elected officials and diverse community members to de-escalate tensions and foster safety and inclusion.


The participants included:  

Reaching out to the Muslim Community in the Aftermath of the San Bernadino Terror Attack

How to Make Everyone Feel Safe.

Sgt. Mike Abdeen from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department


Facing Controversy and Ensuring Safety When a New Mosque is Built in your City

How to Break Down Stereotypes and Build Trust.

Sgt. Mark Lee of the West Windsor, NJ Police Department.


Preventing Hate Crimes and Building a Sustainable Model for an Inclusive Community

How a LE Agency Can Capitalize on Community Outreach

Sgt. Dale Waltz, Canton, MI Police Department


CLICK HERE to access the recording of the webinar.