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Guide: Responding to Hate and Bias

This guide is designed to assist local groups in establishing community response systems (CRS) within their own community and will answer such questions as:

  1. Why is community response so important?
  2. What should our community response mission be?
  3. What should our community response goals and objectives be?

A Community Response System can pave the way for a more comprehensive response to hate. It can provide education, training, and opportunities for dialogue to increase understanding and promote prevention. Additionally, it can support the individual(s) and/or groups targeted by hate activity and bring the community together to heal.

Download a free digital PDF version of the guide here.

This guide was assembled by the Michigan Alliance Against Hate Crimes Community Response Sub-Committee and is intended to serve as a resource for building community-based hate crime and bias incident response and prevention systems. This guide was designed to assist communities in facilitating the roles of agencies and organizations in their work to identify, define, and prevent hate crimes and bias incidents.