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Students Take On Cyberbullying (8 min)

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Middle School (6-8)

Students Take On Cyberbullying

When Facing History teachers Jamie Lott and Mary Sok asked their World Cultures class about bullying at their school, the class described the hallways as safe. But after listening to a presentation given by hate crimes task force officer Dave D'Amico, they started a discussion about the widespread problem of online bullying, and how they as a class could take the first steps toward preventing it.

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This video is part of the Not In Our School Video Action Kit, a comprehensive toolkit featuring films, lessons, and resources designed to motivate students to speak out against bullying, and create new ways to make their schools safe for everyone. Learn more about the Video Action Kit.


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good for you. you made a BIG change in your life. I am happy for you!

 when i was little i gto bullied a lot  i got called fat,ugly,and stupid. A lot of "popular girls" said that to me. Imagine if the bullies felt our pain..

that vey mean what they said to you i got called they same thing

 This happened to me too. This girl always called me fat, ugly, and weird. She also always gave me "flat tires". She always had "her table" and she calls the table I sit in the "Baby table". Also someone on a website called me ugly and weird, But that person doesn't know what I look like and I just ignored them, I blocked them and reported them but some how that person was still talking to me! I don't want anyone else to feel this pain. So we can stop bullying and cyber bulling NOW!

Well you are Human just as well as those "popular girls" Dont Let No One Put You Down .............

i been bullyed for a long time and it has been so mean be calling me  fat in ugly but i had went to a another school because it wasnt worth my time and my education



I am so sorry! But be proud of yourself! God made you this way! He has a whole big life ahead of you! If this school Is mean to you, don't keep changing schools, if you do, there will be no schools left. So talk to your mom or dad to see about home-schooling. And if you feel very uncomfortbale whith your weight, go to your docters and see if they can help. if you need ANYTHING just email me.

When i was in the middle school i use to be bullied, they use to call me the most horrible names ever and i never told no one. To me i would say that was the biggest mistake i ever made. I wanted to be a normal kid in school, you know like go to school, join clubs, but certain people were stopping me from enjoying that life. Now i am in high school the one person that use to bully me is now gone and i have made alot of friends and almost everyone talks to me and i couldn't be happier for what i did, i stood up for myself and made my life the best. All i ask for is for someone to stop and end bullying for good i just wish no one else has to feel that pain ever again like i once did!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truthful story:.(

 i think bullying should be stopped because people get hurt and it can lead up to some serious problems and consiquences.

Nobody can stop bullying. It sucks yes I know this. I was once bullied. I tried commiting sucide because I was tired of getting made fun of called names etc. Only the bullies can stop bullying. We can't. ):

 when i was little i got called fat ugly and never going to get anywhere in life i took these things seriously... i let them bully me, pull my hair call me terrible things... and now i let people know whats up i tell them to get away from me if they make me mad.. but all that made me "emo"

 I have a 13 year old Autistic Son.  For the past two years, a girl has constantly harassed him on Facebook.  They used to attend school together up until October, 2011.  She started on Facebook by commenting her her page calling him a (excuse the language) "F**king Freak".  When I blocked her from his Facebook, she would then go and comment on mutual friends pages, calling him that of "Creepy", or "Stalker", or "Stupid Freak".  I then reported her to Facebook, which that account was deleted by Facebook.  When they attended school, She started calling him "Stupid Freak" at school and then started telling others that he was "Gay".  I went to the assistant principal at the time and told him and they said they would have a "talk with her".  We moved and changed schools and it seemed to stop, until yesterday.  Another girl (who he claims they are now boyfriend/girlfriend) posted something on her own Facebook account (nothing bad) and the same girl who was harassing him in the past was the first one to comment and said "ha your datin a retard!!"  I told the girl to stop and that I was tired of it and that I was going to send a message to her parents.  I have had other relatives of ours who also saw the comment, call me or send me an email about the comment as well.  One even commented who her mom "might be", which was who I emailed. I have reported the comment and her to Facebook.  However, is there any other steps that I need to take?  We live in NC and I was doing my research and there is a vague law against cyberbullying and cyberharassment.  The school suggested (when I reported her) that I needed to contact the Sheriff's Department.   I haven't received a response from the adult that I had emailed either. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.  He doesn't see any of these comments.  I have his password to his Facebook account and I have checked to make sure. 

you havent yet dont wait reprot it immediatley to the police if you have any evidnece of this bullying keep it take pictures of it dont get rid of it so you can show the police. when something like that happens it never stops until someone stops them that girl will be in for a real shock because people like her should be charged... any more questions just ask the police its never to early or late to report something like that. dont be afraid to ever ask for help or talk to the police only they can help..

tell the girl to shut the fuck up

Around 1-2 weeks ago my middle school got our yearbooks. Assuming most people know what instagram is, a vicious picture was posted of a girls yearbook photo. The girls yearbook photo was crossed out along with her name and the caption on the picture was "da lesbian". Most people in my grade know that the girl in the yearbook photo is now home-schooled because of a rumor going around that she was bisexual. That is taking it too far. I wrote a long comment on the photo saying it was how rude and hurtful it was and to delete it immediatly. i also mentioned it was illegal and is something that if she saw it could lead to suicide. I took pictures of the post so i could have proof if she deletes it. we were in the 6th grade when that happened and i think if you start things like that when you are 12, what is going to happen when you are 14 or 15? The girl who posted the picture was in my science class and it amazed me how a girl as shy and quiet in class as she is, can go home and post these nastly things about someone she barely knows? Plus, the girl targeted was such a nice girl who was quiet and sweet. she never said or did anything bad or mean. It just amazes me how cruel kids, teens, and even adults can be.

"im sorry madison.. i cant do this anymore. ive been trying to find things to distract me. but. things are getting to me.. and... i just want to be dead.. gone.. forever... bye.." one of my freinds sent me that last night after we had been talking. She has been cyberbullied on Facebook countless times. DONT EVER LET A HATER GET INSIDE YOUR HEAD! You are better than they are. Anyone who spends there time talking bad about someone is not worth paying attention. Just ignore what they say no matter how bad or mean it is! 

NO! Do not ignore it. If you do they will just have more power over you! When you ignore it it gets worse.

 I would recommend watching Cyber Bully with Emily Osmend.

Prevention or Ignorance is not really the problem for this issue. We cannot expect anybody, kid, teenager, or mature to just disregard harassment or physical violence taken against all of them. Specially in this very day and also the technological age group. When somebody's lies as well as slander against somebody goes viral it really is extremely difficult to prevent this. Not only does this impacts a person in our however can affect their own future.

I get bullied all the time for being bi!!

                          People around the world are very rude and cold hearted. Sometimes you have to dust it off your shoulders and let people talk. It may hurt your feelings and you may want to beat they asses but you have to be the bigger person in the situation. People cant judge everyone for what they choose to do in their life at the end of the day you are the one who has to deal with your sexuality and god, so dont let anyone bring you down. Stand tall and have a great life do not let anyone bully you to the point you want to hurt yourself, trust me i know what your going through.

That was very touching!!:)

I have been a bullied on and offline so many times through out my life. It is never easy either way it goes nor where is comes from. I was one of the lucky kids was worked through to problems and never let it get to me until I hit high school. I started cutting, feeling worthless, stopped eating, and lost everything I knew about myself. I am 22 and I just stopped cutting a little over a year ago. The only reason I stopped was because I became pregnant. Parts of my family does it openly now and it makes it even worse, however, my son keeps me strong and pushing on. I know not everyone has this but I am not a support group nor anything like that. I am just a normal person who is amazing at helping people no matter what the problem is. You can look me up on facebook and send me a message. I am a normal girl with the will and gift of wanting to help people as a friend not a psychotrist.

People who complain about bullying need to learn that you need to stand up for yourself. And it especially iritates me when cyber bullying becomes an issue. Just dont look at the messages. simple as that.

 Bullying only continues if you let it. most of the time if you just stand up for yourself instead of let yourself be bullied, the bully will "most of the time" gain respect for you and the issue will stop. Just stand up for yourself.

People in the world have been so de sensitzed, that they dont know how to deal with things in the world.

Learn to deal with your emotions, and stop cutting yourself.

When people bully others and they do stick up for their selfs. I got bullied and I stuck up for my self but it still got to me really bad! Bullying continues no matter what. You can't stop it. So since I got bullied does it mean I didn't stick up for myself? Does it mean it won't continue? Guess what? I did stick up for my self and it still continued even after I ignored it! Nobody can stop it. Only the bully can! 

notthat simple man, if u dont see it someone is bound and determined to tell you about it

You have a very good point about that i mean if you cut you'll only get made fun of more for cutting.


im sorry your not alone :(

Bullies are wrong and only mess with other people because they are not intelligent enough to think of something productive to do with themselves instead of torturing other people.

 i agree with you. I would also add that bullies might get bullied themselves and that causes them to bully other people. It's a complete cycle that needs to stop. 


 well, that's serious stuff. If someone is pushing you around and cutting your hair, be firm, don't back down. Don't let them push you around because that just reminds them that THEY won. get some of your friends or anyone else you know who has the same probs as you if you dont feel comfortable by yourself.

 You should go to school and talk to a teacher or your parents and tell them how you feel. Ask those kids that bully you how you would feel if you did that mean stuff to them.

Cry me a river. and build me a bridge. and then GET OVER IT.

 wow that was uncalled for your probally the reason some kids go home and cut them selfs for no reason if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at tall

One time there was this boy named Roger Valascuez and everyone miss treated him and picked on him and had nothinfg else better to do. i went to him at the lunch table and said that everything would be okay because i was here for him and to be strong. He had to me very SHOCKING news, this news wasnt good at all in my point of view. He told me that he didnt Want to be in this world anymore and that he had no purpose what so ever. I told him he had WAY to much to strive for in life than committing suicide. On top of ALL his bullying and everything he was having extremely bad famliy problems at home. His mother and Father got divorced and they blammed it all on him and all he ever did was love his parents unconditionally. To this day he is alive and well but no longer lives with either one of his parents and he is in foster care and DOES have apurpose in life. He is a go getter for art and is looking foward to getting a scholar ship. (:


 When I was in 7th grade I was bullied so bad for no aparent reason, And I had a lot of fake friends. I told them everything about me, because i trusted them. After a while they made a fake account on facebook about me saying that im a lesbo. And sandly everyone actually belived them. When i went to school the next day, i lost all my confidence , my power, my everything.  I went home everday to my room and just cry for the rest of the day. I felt like I had no reason to be in this worl they made me feel like im useless. And obviolsy my friends belived them..And i was left with noone in the world but me and my depression. My parents are striked and my brothers are really mean to me and that made it even worse for me. Going through all that when i'm only 14 is very painful I should have a better life than this

IT'S BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


look tell me yo name its bad if it gets to u


 This video is awesome not only it teaches u to help stop bullying but also it shows how much u are a friend to ur friend and I would look for help for my friend that is being cyber bullied but I will stand up for anybody else and her no matter wat any problem we should have the strength to tell someone your problem even though it wouldn't be easy at all

peolpe in schoo don't talk to me and are all racist to me they do not like me the way i am and they think that i just don't know what to do please help!

keep your head up high.  you dont need people to like you just be you and no one else. just look at them and roll it off your sholders. they are not worth it. just remember that there are people out there that love you very much.. i dont know you but i do. also remember that carma will come back to them people and what ever they get they will deserve.

Dear anonymous, just ignore them and let haters hate.And if they keep bothering you tell a trusted adult like a teacher or counselor, they'll understand.

Hey its ok I know how you feel, and you're not the only one going through this. I would suggest, that you talk to an adult (parents/teachers). Do not ever change who you are, because you're special, no matter whatever people tell you.


 You find where you belong. If you have one friend or no friends it DOESN'T MATTER! Do not let them get to you, don't let them make you feel that way because at the end of the day they're gonna do what they want anyway. Your living for yourself not them so don't worry about them. They are nobodies and if they need to hurt someone else's feelings to make themselves feel better then they're the ones with the problem not you. 

Well, if someone's being racist, it's hard to just ignore it and get on with your lives. Maybe just a firm, "Please stop. You do not know what I go through everyday, and I'm sick of being called on. It hurts me you know? Do you feel better when you make fun of me? Do you feel better when you know that I am the only one that's not accepted? Go on, tease me, remark me if that makes YOU feel better. But if you're a human, then just stop." Try not to blame them or they'll just be angry. I think pity helps you, not fire with fire. But whatever you do. DO NOT EVER SUCK UP TO THEM.

i agree maybe people should watch wat they say to people that could hurt there feelings

That is so true dont listen to what bullies tell you. I dont pepole juge me cuz am what they call "EMO" I used to be bullied until I stud up 4 myself and said no more. Everybody thinks am weird but i dont care this is me. If they dont like it well IDGAF so they need to get over it. :D

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