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We are seeing a tidal wave of concern about the prevalence of bullying everywhere. What can each of us do? Be an upstander.
One of our videos was just featured by Upworthy! Check it out and join us in taking the pledge to stand against bullying, bigotry, and hate.     Watch the video and contribute to the lively conversation at Upworthy's Facebook post and sign the Not In Our Town pledge!  
  Thank you for signing the pledge! Here you can download the pledge and share it with your network. Download Download your own JPG version here.    Print the pledge and have people sign it in your community. Download PDF here. Share Share your pledge on Facebook or Twitter and recruit your friends!
  Not In Our Town is proud to announce an exciting campaign with our home town team, the Golden State Warriors! The Warriors are partnering with Not In Our Town, urging fans across the country to take the pledge to stop hate and bullying. Sign the pledge today!  To see NBA players like Harrison Barnes, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Kevon Looney take the pledge, check out our new video below!  Take the Pledge Today! I pledge to stand up to all forms of hate, bigotry and bullying. I will not stay silent in the face of intolerance based on race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, religion, ability or any other factor. I will work together with my neighbors to create safer, more inclusive communities for all.
  Bowling Green State University students, faculty, and community members launched a Not In Our Town Campaign after a series of racially charged tweets spurred the community into action. After two incidents of hate speech earlier this school year, a number of inappropriate tweets came to light after a group of African-American students visited a local bar on April 4, immediately sparking a response from the Black Student Union, according to the BG News.  
Executive Producer Patrice O'Neill and film crew sit with local Marshalltownnewspaper, the Times-Republican, Wednesday, Aug. 29. Photo Courtesyof Times-Republican. This week, we join Marshalltown, Iowa to celebrate the city’s Not In Our Town campaign. Tomorrow at noon, Marshalltown’s Not In Our Town committee will host a rally on the Marshall County Courthouse lawn, where hundreds donned in orange Not In Our Town T-shirts will meet to support the efforts against bullying. Our camera crews are in Marshalltown now to help support as well as document the movement. At the rally, Executive Producer Patrice O’Neill will send greetings from the Not In Our Town community, while Marshalltown Mayor pro-tem Bethany Wirin will present a proclamation supporting Not In Our Town. Meanwhile, participants can sign pledge cards against bullying.
Marshalltown, IA residents have been emptying their shopping bags to find invitations to join the stand against hate. In late July, the NIOT Marshalltown group printed pledge forms and inserted them as bag stuffers at various local stores. By signing the form, Marshalltown community members would pledge to "take a stand against any and ALL hateful actions," reject discriminatory actions, speak up in the face of hateful actions and commit to change. Residents were then encouraged to return the signed pledge to the business, school or church from which they originally received the slip. The Times-Republican will then print a free ad listing the names of the pledged, intending to show the community-wide support of the movement against hate and bullying. Meanwhile, Marshalltown welcomed President Barack Obama Tuesday afternoon. As part of his three-day campaign of Iowa, Obama spoke in Miller Middle School's gym.
Today we uploaded three new files to the Not In Our Town Action Kit: Materials from West Virginia's successful multi-pronged action campaign titled, West Virginia: No Place for Hate. Though this counter-protest occured in 2010, we believe these resources remain relevant and inspiring today. West Virginia leaders came together after Fred Phelps' Westboro hate group announced it would picket Catholic and Jewish institutions in the two towns, a local university, and a mine where more than a dozen miners had recently lost their lives.  The Not In Our Town Action Kit is a hidden gem on, compiling resources from communities standing up to hate and intolerance. In addition to these materials from West Virginia, you will find:
Here you will find materials used by other communities to stand up to hate in their town. You may download these materials and use them as inspiration in your own communities. Charleston and Wheeling, West Virginia   In 2010, Fred Phelps' Westboro hate group announced it would picket Catholic and Jewish institutions in the two towns, a local university, and a mine where more than a dozen miners had recently lost their lives. The community launched "West Virginia: No Place for Hate," a multi-pronged action campaign that was featured on   The statement below was published as a full-page ad in two Charleston newspapers in the spring of 2010. The heart image appeared alongside the statement as a tear-out poster, which community members were encouraged to display on their windows that week, as a response to messages of hate and representation of the "power of love in [the] community." Meanwhile, the West Virginia "No Place for Hate" poster was designed, printed and distributed by the WV Chamber of Commerce.