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Not In Our Town: Marshalltown, Iowa

Executive Producer Patrice O'Neill and film crew sit with local Marshalltown
newspaper, the Times-Republican, Wednesday, Aug. 29. Photo Courtesy
of Times-Republican.

This week, we join Marshalltown, Iowa to celebrate the city’s Not In Our Town campaign.

Tomorrow at noon, Marshalltown’s Not In Our Town committee will host a rally on the Marshall County Courthouse lawn, where hundreds donned in orange Not In Our Town T-shirts will meet to support the efforts against bullying.

Our camera crews are in Marshalltown now to help support as well as document the movement. At the rally, Executive Producer Patrice O’Neill will send greetings from the Not In Our Town community, while Marshalltown Mayor pro-tem Bethany Wirin will present a proclamation supporting Not In Our Town. Meanwhile, participants can sign pledge cards against bullying.

Additionally, the community will learn of Rachel’s Challenge, an anti-bullying program created by the father of Columbine massacre victim Rachel Scott. The program will be presented to students during the day and other interested public in the evening.

This week is part of a year-long anti-bullying campaign launched by the local newspaper, the Times-Republican. The city has already hosted a Community Unity picnic and started an anti-bullying pledge campaign.

In September, Marshalltown’s Orpheum Theater will feature Not In Our Town: Light in the Darkness as part of its ongoing film series connected to the Marshalltown NIOT program.

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