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Marshalltown, IA Pledges to Commit to Change

Marshalltown, IA residents have been emptying their shopping bags to find invitations to join the stand against hate.

In late July, the NIOT Marshalltown group printed pledge forms and inserted them as bag stuffers at various local stores. By signing the form, Marshalltown community members would pledge to "take a stand against any and ALL hateful actions," reject discriminatory actions, speak up in the face of hateful actions and commit to change.

Residents were then encouraged to return the signed pledge to the business, school or church from which they originally received the slip. The Times-Republican will then print a free ad listing the names of the pledged, intending to show the community-wide support of the movement against hate and bullying.

Meanwhile, Marshalltown welcomed President Barack Obama Tuesday afternoon. As part of his three-day campaign of Iowa, Obama spoke in Miller Middle School's gym.

Erik Heitland, 20, signs the pledge against hateful actions and bullying. Pledges can also be signed electronically on the Times-Republican website. Photo: David Alexander/Times-Republican


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