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Not In Our Town: Billings, Montana

Not In Our Town: Billings, Montana (High Resolution Version)

Not In Our Town: A Film That Launched an Anti Hate Movement

Not In Our Town, a film that launched a movement across the country and around the world was first broadcast in December 1995. This short excerpt from the half hour film shows how ordinary citizens in Billings, Montana  joined together to stand up to hate when their neighbors were under attack by white supremacists. Watch the full film here.
Townspeople of all races and religions found common ground against hate based attacks against their African American, Native American and Jewish families and congregations.  Religious and community leaders, labor union volunteers, law enforcement, the local newspaper and concerned residents united in action and spoke loudly against hate and intolerance, proclaiming in no uncertain terms "Not In Our Town!"
Through their actions, the people of Billings, Montana have given all of us an amazing gift. Their story has inspired others around the country to create new ways to stand together when neighbors are under attack.  At Not In Our Town, we want to share these  stories of hope with you through Now we are asking  you to share, as well. Make a donation to Not In Our Town.
Spread the story of Not In Our Town to your community, bring people to our website and contribute your stories of action and hope so we can all learn from each other.

Will Durst hosts and narrates this 1995 PBS film, produced by Rhian Miller and Patrice O'Neill for The Working Group.

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