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The following Not In Our Town and Not In Our School videos are for anyone concerned with ending hate and intolerance and inspiring community involvement. Many of these DVDs come with screening and discussion guides to spark dialogue in your towns and classrooms.

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An excerpt of the critically acclaimed PBS special that sparked a national movement against hate and intolerance tells the uplifting story of how the residents of Billings, Montana, joined together when their neighbors were threatened by white supremacists. Townspeople of all races and religions swiftly moved into action. Religious and community leaders, labor union volunteers, law enforcement, the local newspapers and concerned individuals stood united and spoke loudly for a hate-free community, proclaiming in no uncertain terms "Not In Our Town!"

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Not In Our Town: Northern California 

Not In Our Town Northern California: When Hate Happens Here takes a regional look at five Northern California communities dealing with deadly hate violence over a five-year period. Together, the stories reveal that whether the motivation is racism, anti-Semitism, or crimes motivated by gender or sexual orientation, hate is the same. But Californians are finding innovative ways to respond when hate happens here.

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Not In Our Town: Light in the Darkness  

Not In Our Town: Light In The Darkness follows a community in crisis after the fatal attack of a local immigrant resident. Stunned by the violence, diverse community stakeholders openly confront the crime and the divisive atmosphere, and commit to ongoing actions to prevent future hate crimes and intolerance. Special Features (Video) include: "Patchogue Library's Gilda Ramos: A Voice For Her Community," "
Mayor Pontieri: We Are All Immigrants," "
Gualaceo and Patchogue: Two Towns United by Tragedy," and "
Mosaic: No One Walks Alone.
 This DVD features subtitles in Spanish (SDH) and English (SDH). Purchase the full, 60-min DVD below and use with the comprehensive screening kit and discussion guide.

Light in the Darkness, 60 min



Not In Our Town: Light in the Darkness is a documentary about a town coming together to take action after anti-immigrant violence devastates the community. This 27-minute version is perfect for classrooms and meetings. Includes special features.

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University of Mississippi students peacefully confront old divisions and the Ku Klux Klan by turning their backs on hate, hundreds gather on the Indiana University campus to light menorah candles after anti-Semitic attacks on campus, and a massive circle of Southern California high school students break the silence about bullying at school with a loud and united chant, “Not In Our Town.” 30 minutes + Special Features. Your purchase includes public performance rights for all future uses.

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Class Actions

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Though the political landscape has changed since the Civil Rights era, his dream that this country would fulfill its promise of equality has yet to become reality. But Dr. King’s work showed this country that change is possible, and the communities in Embracing the Dream: Lessons from the Not In Our Town Movement are living proof that change is happening—town by town, school by school. Purchase the full DVD below and use with the film study guide.

Embracing the Dream



The statistics are heartbreaking. Reports of school bullying and harassment are at an all-time high. But across the country, students and teachers are taking action to create safe schools, free from stereotypes, intolerance, and hate. They’re part of a movement called Not In Our School. Not In Our School uses video and storytelling to inspire young people to speak out against bullying and harassment. Our videos, lesson plans, and activities showcase the capacity and creativity of young people who are creating new ways to make their schools safe for everyone. Learn more and watch videos at NotInOurSchool.org.

The Not In Our School Video Action Kit contains everything you need to need to launch your own Not in Our School anti-bullying campaign:

  •  Original Not in Our Town film and lesson guide
  •  Not in Our Town: When Hate Happens Here film and lesson guide
  •  18 short films and accompanying lesson guides
  •  Sample buttons, posters, and pledges
  •  Step-by-step guide to begin NIOS at your school

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The Fire Next Time 

An excerpt of the hour long P.O.V. documentary, the Fire Next Time follows a deeply divided group of Montana citizens caught in a web of conflicts intensified by rapid growth and the power of talk radio. The people of the Flathead Valley were stunned when a domestic terror cell's plot to kill local leaders was uncovered. Ex-cop Brenda Kitterman and conservationist Mike Raiman wanted to do something, but the community was torn. Many residents were losing their jobs in timber and industry, and blamed environmentalists. Adding fuel to the fire was a radio show host who declared environmentalists to be "the enemy."


Broadcast and Director's Cut Versions