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Joselo's Journey Part 2: Verdict in the Hate Crime Murder Trial

Marcelo Lucero's killer, Jeffrey Conroy, was convicted of manslaughter as a hate crime today in Suffolk County, NY. In these videos, Joselo Lucero describes what it has felt like for him and his family to live through the hearings and trials of the defendants charged with the hate-based killing of his brother.

Since the tragic killing of Marcelo Lucero, Not In Our Town has been following the community of Patchogue, NY as it deals with issues of race, immigration, hate and  intolerance. The upcoming feature documentary, Not In Our Town III, chronicles the efforts of Patchogue's diverse residents and leaders as they grapple with the aftereffects of the murder and begin to take action to make their community safe for everyone.

Now one chapter of this story has come to an end. Today marked the end of the trial of Jeffrey Conroy, one of the seven young men charged in connection to the killing of Marcelo Lucero, and the only one charged with murder. The jury found Conroy guilty of manslaughter as a hate crime, but acquitted him of the top charges of second-degree murder and second-degree murder as a hate crime. After his arrest the night of the killing, Conroy confessed to stabbing Lucero, though he later testified that defendant Christopher Overton had done it. Nicholas Hausch, one of the other assailants, testified against Conroy. Joselo's Journey follows Joselo Lucero in his ongoing quest for justice for his brother.

For Joselo, his mother, Rosario, and his sister, Isabel, this is not the end of their ordeal. Conroy will be sentenced next month, and Anthony Hartford and Christopher Overton have yet to stand trial. Your messages of support have meant a lot to the Lucero family, and we encourage you once more to leave messages of support in the comments section below.


Dear Lucero Family,


I want you to know my prayers are for your strength and peace of mind to carry on in memory of Marcello.  I am so sorry for your loss and the hatred that caused this senseless loss.  I just want to send a note and let you know you are not alone, we are brothers in this sea of humanity.  God bless


Marcelo's death changed the history of Suffolk County. He did not die in vain!

God bless you all!


 Students from Newcomers High School (a school in NY for recent immigrant youth)  wrote messages of support to Joselo and his family. We orginally posted these messages ina blog two weeks ago, but found them so inspirational and moving, we wanted to repost them here, in case you have not had a chance to read them yet.
- Kirthi from the Working Group/ Not In Our Town.
Dear Joselo Lucero,
I am Check, an 11th grader at Newcomers High School. I am from the Ivory Coast (West-Africa), and I have been in the USA since, 2008. My school is just awesome. We all from different countries, and beside English we sometimes even learn each other’s languages.
I have heard about your brother’s murder, it’s even hard for me to write this letter when I think about how you must feel about that, I am sure that what I feel is nothing compared to your feelings. Still, I think that letter of me, could somehow help you (wish is what I hope). I saw what happened at the TV, and on the news. I was just shocked, I couldn’t even believe it. What those guys did was horrible; there is no word to express how cruel they were. Even though it’s hurt you can’t rest yet, but fight and claim justice.
In my Human Rights class with Ms Mann, we watched movie, and read articles about what happened. It’s just… (I can’t even describe or find the words). Anyway I wish you the best, be strong and keep fighting for justice because, You are not only fighting for your brother’s case, but for all of us, all of the people who have been unfairly murder or discriminated, or who have endorse any unfair act. Thank you for all you doing.
God bless you.
Best, Check
Dear Joselo Lucero
My name is Hamza an immigrant from Morocco, I am 18 years old. I really feel bad about what happen to your brother on Nov.8, 2008. Because family is very important and losing is not an easy thing. I have followed the murder of your brother in TV and in the news and we also talk about it in our human right’s class. Just so you know that a lot of people are supporting you, especially newcomers students. In addition, we did a lot of work to learn more about the human rights we also had training from which I really learned a lot about how people are hurting each other and fighting. This thing really makes me sad to see people fighting between each other because of their (race or their religion…). You lost Marcelo but you also gained us as family. We are here for you, and to help you.
Dear Joselo Lucero and Family:
My name is Jennifer. I am a student in Newcomers High School. I am 18 years old and I immigrated to this country almost 3 years ago. I am from Puebla, Mexico and all my family is there, except from my parents. I consider myself lucky because I didn’t have to cross the border illegally like most of my paisanos and other people. I wish all of them could have the same opportunity and avoid lots of problems with immigration. Moreover, everyone wouldn’t risk his or her lives. My parents have told me their experience when they came here. My mother was 17 years old and she was starving because it took her a month to get here. My father was 16 and stayed in a crowed van for many hours because the Coyote told them the border patrol was really near. And after that, they were discriminated, because they are Mexicanos. We are humans too! It is not fair that some people judge us by our physical appearance. Their stereotypes lead them to commit the most terrible crimes.
   Mi mas sentido pesame por la muerte de Marcelo Lucero. He didn’t deserve death, not this way. Those students did it on purpose because they are ignorant people. They think it’s funny to walk on streets and kill every single Hispanic person they find on their way. But they never think about all the hard work that our paisanos do in this country, specially in farms, and construction. Senora Lucero, es una pena que no haya podido ver otra vez a su hijo vivo. La admiro mucho porque no cualquier persona tiene el valor de venir desde su pais y enfrentar a esos asesinos.
In our human rights class, we have watched videos about immigrants who come here and work in really bad conditions. Furthermore, we watched a documentary about racial crimes in Long Island. We have studied the rights that everyone has, but unfortunately in this country a lot of people are undocumented and they are afraid to defend themselves because ellos piensan que seran deportados. On February 12th, two representatives of the “Anti Defamation League” came to our school and taught us about how one idea can become a big crime: stereotypes.
Les deseo mucho suerte en el jucio. Espero que esos muchachos reciban el castigo que merecen. No se den por vencidos, porque tal vez no estaremos todos presentes apoyandolos, pero desde lejos lucharemos para detener estos crimenes, no solo a nuestra comunidad hispana, si no tambien a otras comunidades.
Que Dios los Bendiga!
Dear Lucero Family
My name is Alfredo. I’m a Mexican immigrant, 17 years old and I study in Newcomers High School in Long Island City. I came here 3 years ago full of dreams and hope of a better life and a better education; well I know you understand my feelings because they might be similar to what you experience when you came here. And you might agree with me that as an immigrant we see and understand the great opportunities there are in this wonderful country. The United States of America, what a promising land of freedom and liberty.
It is horrible how all the ideas I had of this amazing country fall apart after I heard the terrifying news that a simple but respectful human being has been taken in a criminal act of discrimination.
I’m a human rights fighter and I believe that I, as a Latino, as a student, as a human being I have to do something to help. I might not give you all the things that you need, but you have my support, and the support of our class. Justice will be done against those criminals. Good luck in the trials, and don’t worry; Marcelo Lucero will be remembered, and respected.
Siento mucho el fallecimiento de Joselo. El ahora se encuentra en el cielo con el justiciero divino, su vida no fuen en vano porque ahora hay miles de personas dispuestas a pelar por justicia y proteccion de nuestros derechos humanos. Yo soy uno de ellos. Buena suerte en el juicio, espero que se haga justicia.
Dear Lucero Family,
I am Pruce, an immigrant from Haiti . I am 17 years old and a student. For me, family is my top priority and I cannot think of losing one. I have followed the murder of your brother on TV and I have watched every process of this investigation. Just so you know, there are many people out there who support you. I am sorry for every one who is hurting in this process. Nobody deserves to see their family die or goes to prison. In our class, we are doing everything we can in our way to fight for human rights. You lost Marcelo but you also gained us as family. We are here for you. Good luck.
Sincerely, Pruce
Dear Joselo Lucero family: 
My name is Lian. I am 19 years old. I have an older brother. My mother, my brother and I moved to the United States from a small village in the southeastern coast of China about three and half years ago.   It was not easy at all to immigrant in this new country. I faced the biggest transition in my life, from a simple and small countryside to a complicated and giant city, from one familiar world to one that I totally didn't know. At that moment, there was one tremendous obstacle standing in my way – the language. I could barely speak an English word, and I also faced discrimination because of this.
It was very sad to know that your brother was murdered. As mentioned above, I also have an brother. I can imagine how hard it is to loose a close family member who has been around you for nearly twenty years. Many times, I was watching a movie or TV drama, when one’s brother or a family member was killed, I tended to be extremely depressed and sad. The scene just kept showing up in my mind when I was quiet. So I think I understand your feeling, and your situation.
In our human right class, I learned how badly the situation it is in your town. I can not believe that those executive officials and politicians did not want to take the case seriously. 
       I strongly condemn the behavior of those anti-immigrants people. Their misbehavior shall definitely be punished by the law. I wish you luck for your upcoming trials. I wish I could give you my strength and help you stay strong. 
Para: Jose Lucero y Familia.
           Hola! Mi nombre es Eduardo. Soy de El Salvador un inmigrante como ustedes. Ectualmente estoy estudiando en Newcomers Hight School con esperanzas  de graduarme en junio del 2010. Estoy en la clase de Ms. Mann clase. Esta carta es para poderle decir a su familia y a usted, de k no estan solo y k nosotros sabes sobre su hermano y lo paso. Sinceramente le digo k lo siento mucho lo k paso con su hermano.
Tu y tu familia nuca van a star solos. Dios k todo lo ve los asecinos de su hermano van hacer a pagarx todo lo que ellos hizieron no se perdona por nada. Me siento  muy mal por lo k paso en su familia y se los digo en verdad porque yo se lo que se siente perder a un ser kerido y es muy terimble. Espero que nunca le vulva apasar el mismo accidente.
NO estan solos…!!! Dios les vendiga.!!
Joselo Lucero,
Hola, mi nombre es Martha. Estudio  en  Newcomers High School. Soy de Ecuadorhace tres años que estoy viviendo en New York. Estoy muy consternada por la trágica muerte de su hermano. Me siento muy triste al saber que existen personas que  no  tienen corazón. Sabemos que esto es una injusticia que se llevo a cabo. Ya que por el hecho de que seamos emigrantes no debería haber diferencia alguna. Nosotros somos personas que solo estamos buscando una mejor vida. Yo pienso que todos deben ser tratados con el mismo respeto que uno se les trata para que así no exista superioridad de los demás. Yo pertenezco a una clase de derechos humanos, y prácticamente en la clase hablamos de abusos contra personas inocentes. El objetivo de nuestra clase es hacer ver a las personas que todos somos iguales y nadie es superior a otro. Nosotros hemos estado leyendo lo que sucedió y sabemos  que la muerte de su hermano fue algo que nos ha afectado a todos. Ya que por el hecho de provenir de otro país tenemos la posibilidad de ser agredidos por personas quienes no conocen la igualdad de las personas. Por ahora solo quiero decirles que les deseo lo mejor para que así se haga justicia y que no se siga cometiendo los mismos abusos.
Dear Joselo Lucero,
Hola, mi nombre es Fanny, tengo 19 años. Soy de Ecuador.  En estos momentos estoy estudiando en la Escuela Newcomers, en NY. Estudio en la escuela Newcomers hace tres años. Para mi es un placer escribir esta carta, al momento que yo me entere de lo que había sucedido en realidad no lo podia creer, esto es algo que la mayor parte de veces ha sido ignorado por la policía. Seriamente no entiendo como pueden existir personas así en este mundo. Una de las razones puede ser porque esas personas no tienen sentimientos, esto es bien triste. Ellos no se imaginaron el dolor que podían causar al hacer lo que hicieron. No puedo decir que se como se sienten porque no estoy dentro de ustedes pero si puedo imaginarme, y de seguro que esto debe ser muy duro para toda su familia, en especial para su esposa, mucho peor para su mama. Lo sucedido a su hermano me decepciono demasiado. Pienso que esto no debería suceder nunca, ni debía haber sucedido, mucho peor a una persona inocente. Lo siguiente que quisiera que sepa es que en la escuela en la que estoy tenemos una clase en la que discutimos a cerca de los derechos humanos, uno de los temas que hemos estudiado fue lo que le sucedió a su hermano, hemos leído artículos y hemos visto videos para un mejor entendimiento a cerca de lo que sucedió con Marcelo Lucero. Hasta el día de hoy no podemos entender el motivo por el que suceden estas cosas. Con todo esto quiero desearle toda la mejor suerte del mundo en los juicios que están por tener, esperemos a que se haga justicia y que suceda la voluntad de Dios. Buena suerte y una vez mas ¡mucha suerte! Estaré al pendiente de lo que suceda.  
Sinceramente, Fanny
Dear Joselo Lucero and Family.
My name in Miguel and I am a student from Newcomers H.S. I am 19 years old. I have been in this country for about 3 years now. Also, I came from Cuenca-Ecuador. Currently, I am just living with my father. My mother is living in Ecuador and I really miss her. However, I feel really sorry for your brother’s murdered. It is something that produces in me a lot of pain. I think that is really difficult to overcome a situation like that. I hope that in the future this world and specialty this country will become a peaceful place. I am in a Human Rights Class in my school and I hear there your brother’s story. It was really sad to know that a group of teenagers could do something like that because they not only murder your brother, but also they produce sorrow to a whole family which is yours.
Moreover, in my human rights class we learn all about those bad things that happen all over the United States and in other place in the world, too. We have done a workshop with the “Anti Defamation League” which was really awesome and I would like to tell you that it inspired me to help other people. However, I hope the trial that you are going to have results well for you. I know that you will be fine and that justice will be executed. I hope that in this country at least the justice works in the right way. The only thing that I have to say is that the murder of your brother won’t pass like nothing happened, justice will make its work.
Sincerely, Miguel
Mr. Joselo Lucero y Familia.
Soy un estudiante de la escuela para imigrantes (Newcomers H.S) en ( Long Island ) soy de Ecuador y tengo 19 años. Llegue a este pais  hase 3 años, vivo con mi familia y somos en total 5 miembros. Primero quiero darles un pesame por el duro momento que su famila esta pasando.De todo Corazon siento mucho por el asesinato de su hermano (Marcelo Lucero) espero que todo se aregle  auque no va a ser lomismo que antes.
Yo y mis compañeros estamos trabajando sobre los derechos humanos con el proposito de luchar contra la dicriminacion racial y lograr los derechos que los imigrantes tenemos. Este tema es muy importante para nosotros los imigrantes porque pormedio de esto pedemos luchar por nuestros derechos.Nosotros tenemos que ser tratados de la misma manera que todas las demas personas, porque en este pais todos somos iguales.
Les deceo lo mejor para toda su familia y que logren  todo lo que se an propuesto y les deseo que toda su familia se encuentre en buenas condiciones y sin estos tipos de problemas.Espero que sigamos luchando por nuestros derechos por nosotros podemos cambiar el mundo.
Dear Joselo Lucero:
Hi my name is Daniel, as you I’m an immigrant; I came from Ecuador a year and a half ago. I’m sixteen years old and I go to Newcomers High School. Now I’m a junior and I expect to graduate the next year. And I as an immigrant belief that what happen to Marcelo Lucero was really bad to all of you. I think that people shouldn’t be racist against anyone in this country and that the authorities should do something about it and not just try to make this incident disappear.
In my human rights class we learn about your situation and you should know that you have the support from all the students in this class. In the class we are also learning about different people and immigrants and all the rights that we have. I hope that you do well in all your coming trials. I hope that what you’re going through now to be over soon and also to end with justice. I also hope that all your family get better and to be happy. 
Sincerely, Daniel
Dear Joselo Lucero,
Hi my name is Aziz and I an immigrant like you. I was born in Uzbekistan but 3 years ago me and my family moved to U.S. Currently I’m student in Newcomers high school and I’m in human rights class and in this class we are learning about immigrant rights and we learned about your brother too. What I have read was horrible and with our class we trying to do something about it .I know how immigrant experiences are and I can’t imagine how is it to have problems in one hand and in other death of your brother.
             I really want to know what is your reactions for those things and how are you handling them?
I know in few days you having trials of your brother and I’m wishing you a good luck for that I hope everything will be all right and murderers will get what they deserve.
Sincerely, Radjabov
Dear Joselo   Lucero
Hi, my name is   Nabila. I am from   New High School. I came from Bangladesh    one and half year ago. I feel very sorry for your brother’s death. It is very hard when we lose one of our family person. I think that the nativists people are very cruel. When they   kill our brother I think they forget they are also immigrants. They can’t kill our brothers like that because they are also immigrants.
We read about the murder in this class. In our class we did ADL training to learn more   about   the   racial issues. From this lesson it inspires me that we have to protest against those people who did   this   cruel works. I think you will get   the right   justice   for your brother’s murder. So wish   you good luck fro the trial.
Sincerely, Nabila
Dear Jose Lucero and Family.
My name in Miguel and I am a student from Newcomers H.S. I am 19 years old. I have been in this country for about 3 years now. Also, I came from Cuenca-Ecuador. Currently, I am just living with my father. My mother is living in Ecuador and I really miss her. However, I feel really sorry for your brother’s murdered. It is something that produces in me a lot of pain. I think that is really difficult to overcome a situation like that. I hope that in the future this world and specialty this country will become a peaceful place. I am in a Human Rights Class in my school and I hear there your brother’s story. It was really sad to know that a group of teenagers could do something like that because they not only murder your brother, but also they produce sorrow to a whole family which is yours.
Moreover, in my human rights class we learn all about those bad things that happen all over the United States and in other place in the world, too. We have done a workshop with the “Anti Defamation League” which was really awesome and I would like to tell you that it inspired me to help other people. However, I hope the trial that you are going to have results well for you. I know that you will be fine and that justice will be executed. I hope that in this country at least the justice works in the right way. The only thing that I have to say is that the murder of your brother won’t pass like nothing happen, justice will make its work.
Dear: Joselo Lucero and Family
Hello. My name is Israel. I’m from an immigrant from Brazil. I’m 16 years old. I’m a student from Newcomers High School. Member of Ms. Mann’s human rights class. It’s a really good class we learn a lot about human rights. When I heard about your story I just thought how hard it is, I mean I’m also an immigrant and I know that people discriminate because of that. In class we did many things that talked about discrimination, and it’s a horrible thing. I can’t imagine why people do that we are all the same. We eat, we sleep, we drink we do everything humans do. To learn more about your story we read a story about what happened to your brother that even local politicians discriminate say bad things about immigrants we also vote for them. I hope the ones who killed your brother pay for what they did and I wish you good luck with your life everything. One day we will change that and there would be no hate no discrimination for that we need to teach the new generations. Be strong don’t give up.
Estimada familia Lucero,
Hola, my nombre es Cristian, como ustedes yo también soy un inmigrante ecuatoriano. Yo vine de Ecuador hace tres años y 10 meses y ahora vivo en Brooklyn pero estudio en Queens en la escuela llamada Newcomers High School. Esta escuela acepta solo a personas inmigrantes quienes son recién llegados de diferentes partes del mundo. Yo me siento muy mal por lo que paso con Marcelo Lucero ya que como yo el también era inmigrante y solo venimos a este país a progresar y no hacer el mal a otros. Espero que con esta desgracia que desafortunadamente les paso a ustedes las cosas cambien para nosotros como inmigrantes, esperemos que se haga justicia y que los jóvenes culpables paguen por lo que hicieron porque sino la vida va a continuar siendo difícil para los inmigrantes.
            Estoy en una clase de derechos humanos donde nosotros hablamos sobre las injusticias que algunas personas sufren por culpa de otras personas malvadas. Hemos leido un articulo sobre lo que paso con Marcelo Lucero y sabemos q fue muy difícil para ustedes.
            Espero que sigan adelante y que las cosas mejoren para ustedes y para todos los inmigrantes. Tambien espero que su familia se sienta mejor y feliz.
Joselo Lucero y familia,                                     
             Mi nombre es Freddy, soy un estudiante imigrante en Necomers H.S. Al igual que ustedes vengo de Ecuador, de la ciudad de Cuenca. Llegue a este pais hace 3 años.
 El motivo principal de esta carta es para decirles que de todo corazon siento mucho lo que paso con Marcelo. Estiendo que deber ser algo muy duro afrontar la perdida de un ser querido, y mas aun cuando fue algo como lo que hicieron con el. Espero que se haga justicia y que los que cometieron este crimen paguen por sus acciones, nadie es superior a nadie y el hecho de que seamos imigrantes en este pais no les da derecho a  hacer lo que hacen. 
En la escuela estoy en una clase que se llama “Human Rights” y es una clase en la que nos enseñan acerca de los derechos que tenemos en este pais como seres humanos que somos apesar de ser imigrantes. Hemos visto muchas cosas relacionadas con racismo, abuso y todo relacionado con este tema. Me ha ayudado mucho esta clase a darme cuenta de todos los derechos que la gente debe respetar sin importer raza, nacionalidad o religion porque todos somos creados iguales.
Les deceo mucha suerte, que la vida les sonria siempre porque todo tiene un objetivo en la vida y Dios sabe porque hace las cosas. Se que la justicia va a dar el castigo que los acesinos se merecen y pase lo que pasde siempre miren hacia adelante porque la vida continua. Que Dios los bendiga siempre.
~ Freddy
Dear Joselo Lucero and Family,
Hi Joselo my name is Junior . I am 17 years-old, I used to live in Quito, I arrived to this country two years ago. It has not been easy to be in this country as an immigrant because I have faced one of my biggest fears in my whole life learning a new language and being accepted in a new society which one I knew nothing about it, also staring a whole new life in a new country with a new ideology. I study at newcomers hs, a school located in Long Island City well the reason why I am writing this letter is because I wanted to express my feelings about your brothers’ death I am really concern about it because no one deserve s to die like that, really what the guys did to your brother is really rude I think as an immigrant that is what many other immigrants face but many of them are scared to tell thee police what is going on but fortunately you were not afraid and I know that your brother would be grateful for what you’ve done because with this you are helping other immigrants as well. I hope that nothing like this happens never again and I have hope that the police this time will bring justice for your brother and the six guys who murdered your brother would go to jail and spend a lot of time there think about what they have done.
Sincerely, Junior
Dear Joselo Lucero & Family,
            Hi, my name is Bisnu. I am an immigrant from Bangladesh. I am 19 years old and I have been living in this country for almost 4 years. I am a student of Newcomers High School. In Newcomers HS is great school to be here because I have friends form different countries. I am sorry to hear about your brother who been killed by group of an American teenager. This is really terrible because these people are really stupid because they don’t understand one thing that we all are human being. Why people have to suffer if they come from different place or different country. I think these people are resist to immigrants because they treat immigrants like an animal. They discriminates immigrants based on their ethnicity, culture, tradition, religion so many other things. I think this not a good reason to murder a person because he came from different country or the person is an immigrant.
In our school we have special class call human rights class. This class is really great because we get opportunities to fight for people rights and help them. Last semester in human rights class we did different kind of activity and read lots of article about Pachok that lot of people are facing problem because they are immigrants and “Beaner Hopping” white teenager are beating immigrant and other people are supporting them instead of helping immigrants. In this class we are learning about this because if we don’t stop it right now probably it will come to us because we are immigrants too. So it does not matter where we came from we have the equal rights as white people. We have the right to fight for our rights. And as a class we encourage other people we know about their basic rights and so this never happen this things with us that happened to your brother. If we want we could change the world as a human being.
And I wish you the good luck for your brother murder trail and I hope you get justice for your brother murder. And these white teenagers should get punishment what they did to your brother.
Sincerely, Bisnu
Querido Joselo Lucero y Familia:
            Hola mi nombre es Edith. El proposito de esta carta es para mostrarles apoyo debidoa alo sucedido con su familiar Marcelo lucero. Yo como ustedes soy inmigrante, vengo de Mexico y estoy aqui desde hace dos anos. Ahora studio en Newcomers High School, una escuela en Long Island. En esta tengo una clase en la cual hablamos acerca de los derechos humanos y las diferentes organizaciones que pelean por estas. En la clase estuvimos hablando del caso de Marcelo Lucero y es realmente injusto que los americanos hagan esto a los immigrnates que solamente vienen a trabajar. Tambien es triste y decepcionante ver como los estereotipos pueden llegar a causar el odio hacia otras personas y que estas cometan delitos como este. Yo creo que ellos deberian de pagar por lo que cometieron y entender que las personas no son diferentes, porque a fin de cuentas somos humanos y no importa nuestro estatus o de donde vengamos. Y los motivos que ellos dieron por haber cometido el delito no son suficientemente fuertes como para matar a alguien, de hecho no hay ningun motivo por el cual una persona quiera matar a otra. Yo creo que todos debemos convivir como una gran sociedad para asi lograr lo que queremos.
            En la clase hemos estado leyendo acerca del asesinato de Marcelo Lucero. Al principio nos enteramos por las noticias en la television. Pero despues la profesora nos dio un articulo que hablaba acerca de esto. Tambien hemos visitado la pagina de internet llamada “Not in our Town” donde hay un articulo especial que habla acerca del asesinato y todo lo que ha ocurrido tras el juicio de los jovenes que cometieron el delito. Tamnien recibimos la visita de una senora que nos mostro un video que hablaba acerca de su familia y lo que habian hecho tras el lamentable incidente ocurrido con Marcelo lucero.
            Espero que tras este incidente el gobierno haga algo para ponerle un alto a estos ataques contra inmigrantes, poruq no es justo, nosotros solo venimos para buscar un mejor futuro y superarnos como personas y ellos simplemente acaban con nuestras metas. Bueno espero que ustedes se encuentren bien y que logren lo que quieren en cuanto al caso de Marcelo. Y que los adolescents paguen por el delito que cometieron justamente. Les deseo la mayor de las suertes en este caso y les brindo mi apoyo a su causa contra los ataques a los inmigrantes. Quisiera saber si ustedes estan hacienda algo mas para combater este tipo de ataques y si es asi en que forma podriamos ayudarlos.
            Me despido y sinceramente espero que todo marche bien y que las personas que cometieron el delito paguen por eso. Les deseo las major de las suertes en todo y yo se que la perdida de un ser quierido no se logra superar del todo, pero creo que deben seguir adelante como si Marcelo estuviera aqui porque creo que eso es lo que el queria.
Querido Joselo Lucero y Familia:
            Les escribo esta carta para brindarles todo mi apoyo hacia ustedes. Ya que yo como un imigrante me siento mal y muy decepcionado por lo ocurrido a Marcelo. Yo soy Paulo un estudiante en Newcomers High School , yo soy ecuatoriano y vine a este pais hace dos anos . Me dolio mucho al enterarme de lo ocurrido con Marcelo ya que esto pudo ocurrir a cualquier persona me pudo pasar a mi o a mi familia, despues de lo sucedido muchas veces me siento muy inseguro en las calles de esta ciudad. Por esa razon es que quiero darle todo mi apoyo en las dificiles situaciones por las que estan pasando ustedes.
            En nuestra clase de derechos humanos hemos estado estudiando mucho acerca la discriminacion hacia los inmigrantes en este pais. Al estudiar el caso de Marcelo toda nuestra clase quedio conmocionada y todos querias ayudar con algo queriamos aportar nuestro granito de arena y hacer algo para que se haga justicia y esto no vuelva a suceder nunca mas. Nosotros tenemos leidos muchos articulos y visto varios videos en los cuales vemos como todavia no se hace justicia del todo.
            Bueno el principal proposito por el que les escribo es para desearle la mayor de la suerte ya que tengo entendido que estaran acudiendo a los casos de los differentes jovenes involucrados en este problema. Y se que esto va a ser muy dificil para ustedes ya que no es nada agradable el estar recordando lo sucedido en cada momento. Les deseo lo mejor del mundo y que ojala todo salga bien.
            Bueno me despido deseandoles la mejor de la suerte , esperando que todo salga bien y que finalmente se haga justicia con la ayuda de Dios . Suerte y sean fuertes ya que ustedes van a contra con el apoyo de todos los imigrantes en este pais.
~ Paulo
Dear Joselo Lucero and the family,
                        My name is Willam, I am 19 years old and I am from the Malaysia where located in Southeast Asia. I came to United States almost 4 years. I’m same as you an immigrants from others countries. As we know when we came to United States, we have a hard time to learn every thing such as, English, cultures and etc… no one will know how hard do we work on and learning this new things. Also all of us are facing many unfair and discrimination from our society or communities. O ya, I forget to say that, I am a student from Newcomers High School. I’m felt very lucky because I can study in this school. Newcomers High School is a high school that accept all students who new to this country. This school, just like a UN because all students are come from difference countries.
                        I am in the Newcomers High School’s Human Right Class, this class is about human rights and we have work with many organizations or interest group. Last time, our teacher -Ms Mann shows us your brother news. I’m very sorry when I hear this news, I feel very angry about it. However, I believe there are justice and stay behind you guys, don’t give up yet and stay strong. Justice won’t stand on the dark side. There are many people are supporting you, include my friends and me.
Sincerely, Willam

We posted a blog a couple weeks ago when the trial was about to start. Many people wrote messages of support and in case you did not have a chance to read the comments, we wanted to post a link so you can read more comments.

We encourage you to continue to write messages of support for the Lucero family. We will be sending the Lucero family a link and compilation of all the messages, and I am sure yours will be appreacited.

- Kirthi from The Working Group/ Not In Our Town


dear joselo and family,

           My heart goes out to you and your family, your mother is an incredibly strong person by wanting to forgive jeff and the other 6 boys, and for that she should be commended. I lost my 24yr old brother 10yrs ago, although not the same way you did. At first its hard to comprehend, that the person that is gone will no longer be on this earth, but as time goes by, you learn to live only with the memories that you've made with your brother. As a juror on this case,I saw your family as well as Jeffrey Conroys family, and i pray that we made the right decision, and gave your brother justice. Hopefully as time goes on, things in Patchogue will change, and hopefully time will make people realize that we all need to coexist together as one. Being on this case made me actually realize how much hate people have for one another, for no reason other than the color of their skin. Your brothers legacy will live on forevever.

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