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Patrice O'Neill

Not In Our Town Executive Producer Patrice O'Neill appeared on NewsRadio 104.9 FM's Gulf Coast Morning and talked about Not In Our Town's vision as well as some upcoming events including the 2014 National Leadership Gathering and the Gold Star Cities project. Gulf Coast Morning is broadcast out of Biloxi, Missouri. Hosts Mike and Steve discussed Not In Our Town's history, strategies for fighting hate, and the importance of uniting communties to start their own Not In Our Town campaigns.  Listen to the full interview with Patrice O'Neill below!  
Not In Our Town was honored to participate in an extremely informative webinar addressing the challenges of prosecuting hate crimes and the important interplay between hate crime victims, law enforcement, and the greater community.
In April, Not In Our Town Executive Producer Patrice O’Neill traveled to Hungary to introduce the Not In Our Town story and offer a model of community reconciliation and hate crime prevention in the face of pervasive anti-Roma bigotry and rising anti-Semitism.
In April, Not In Our Town conducted seven workshops in Hungary, meeting with the local media, community members, police recruits, students and documentary filmmakers. The tour was sponsored by Central European University and the U.S. and Norwegian embassies.
Not In Our Town Executive Producer Patrice O’Neill will join other change-makers at the 10th Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship. The Skoll World Forum brings together nearly 1,000 entrepreneurs and innovators from the social, finance private and public sections to Oxford University to discuss solutions to social challenges. Patrice is one of four Media Advisors to the Sundance Institute’s Stories of Change delegation to the Skoll World Forum. Learn more about the incredible work of the Skoll World Forum.
Following the premiere broadcast of Not In Our Town: Light in the Darkness on PBS, many communities across the country joined the campaign against hate and intolerance by hosting screenings and using the film to start a conversation about hate and intolerance in their areas. 
Patrice O’Neill is a filmmaker and CEO of the Oakland-based non-profit strategic media company, The Working Group and leader of Not In Our Town, a movement of people across the country working to build safe, inclusive communities for all.
From November 3 to 6, Not in Our Town Executive Producer Patrice O'Neill and Civic Engagement Coordinator Jason Wallach toured West Virginia and led a series of open discussions about how to build safe, strong, hate-free communities throughout the state.  
  Former President Bill Clinton spoke at the recent Philanthropy and Rural America conference in Little Rock, AR  “You have to create hope. People want to know that their tomorrows will be different than their yesterdays.”  — Bill Clinton,  July 14, 2009, Little Rock, AR Former President Bill Clinton presented a clear agenda for change for rural America during his talk at the Philanthropy and Rural America conference, held last week at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. I had never heard the former President speak, and was thrilled when I saw that Dee Davis from the Center for Rural Strategies had saved me a place at the front table.  Dee sat in front and videotaped the entire speech on his iPhone.
Patrice’s presentation highlighted excerpts of The Working Group’s films that have inspired communities around the country to respond to hate crimes in meaningful and constructive ways. In February, Executive Producer Patrice O’Neill led a conversation on “Film as a Tool For Social Change” at the Boston Public Library as part of Facing History and Ourselves‘ Choosing to Participate exhibit. Choosing to Participate is an interactive multimedia exhibition that tackles issues such as violence, racism and hate crimes while profiling the compelling stories of individuals and communities who have confronted these challenges and had to make choices.