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High school senior created Facebook compliments page to challenge bullying, spread positivityWe hear a lot about cyberbullying, but some students are using social media to encourage others as oppose to bringing them down.Wilson To, a high school senior in Nevada is one of those students. He launched a page called “Atech Compliments” so students could leave anonymous complimentarity messages about members of the student body.For the first year Wilson ran the page without revealing his identity. "A lot of quiet individuals don't think much of what they do, but when they get compliments for things they didn't realize about themselves, it helps to build self-esteem," he explained to The Huffington Post. The project has since become such a hit that Wilson taught administrators how to take over after graduation.
 Twister brings divided Alabama community together  CREDIT: CBS Atlanta The Public Opinion reports that a twister that devastated the Alabama neighborhood of Kikpatrick in March has helped to bring the community together.
Mourners write messages to the victims on the 12 respective crosses that line the street across from the crime scene. Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images In the midst of shock and mourning over the recent tragedy, the Aurora, Colo. community proves to be a site of immense strength. 
You're walking down the street, and witness an act of racism. How do you respond? One of our Not In Our Town Facebook fans posted this question to our Wall, and an honest, thoughtful conversation followed.   Here are highlights from the discussion -- read the full post and share your thoughts on the NIOT Facebook page.   "I get involved if I think I can do some good to dissolve the situation. If I think someone, including myself, could get hurt or violent, I call the cops. Silence is usually not an option." (Briana)