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Start a community or school group

we are a group with a mission to notice other people. we have a saying that says "leave no stone unturned..... leave no person unnoticed." we are a small group but we also don't have a very big school but the way we view it is that even the smallest of all can cause the biggest effect. like small but mighty and we are small but we will stand up.
 SURE holds weekly meetings at Paulsboro High School.  During meetings we provide members with strategies to combat bullying, hold open discussion groups, and particpate in activites and games focusing on tolerance awareness.  SURE sponsors many school-wide activities during the school year, including an annual Diversity Walk, our annual Senior Citizens Banquet, charity fundraisers, and workshops promoting brotherhood.  
We called a meeting immediately after learning of WBC's plan to demonstrate at the funeral in an effort to turn reaction into a positive, coordinated response with helpful input by community/area residents, the neighbors/friends of Lt. Col. Greene's family, and civic participation by the Police Chief and Chair of the Town Selectmen. We determined to work with the Mansfield Police and Mansfield Fire Dept. to honor Lt. Col. Michael J. Greene on the day of his funeral by organizing a peaceful display of citizens with flags as the motorcade passed on the way to National Cemetery. We created an open Facebook Page for the group so as to stimulate input and further enhance communication and connections in and beyond our community. And we are now preparing to meet again to establish a proactive mechanism whereby we can build on positive, constructive approaches to stemming the rising tide of hate and violence.  
 Having invested in primary prevention of violence since the 1990’s, the Waitt Foundation announced the creation, in 2005, of the Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention.   To further imbed and research our initiatives in relationship violence, school bullying, and workplace bullying over time, we looked to the beginnings of “boots on the ground” pilot programs happening already with our hometown community of Sioux City, Iowa.   With access that only comes with long term trusted local partnerships, and the guidance of national partners, we slowly expanded these programs to create seamless violence prevention initiatives pre-k through 12, and built up efforts throughout the community to support this.   Although we began implementation of bystander programs (MVP) in 2000, in our pilot school, and followed with two other high schools in the next few years we escalated our efforts starting in 2006 and 2007, and began yearly surveys of over 5,000 students in 2008.   By 2011, all school buildings k-12 had violence and bullying prevention curriculum.   What we have learned over the years is summarized in the power point, the 2011 white paper written by Dr. Alan Heisterkamp and Dr. Michael Fleming, the film clips by Lee Hirsch, Astrea Productions and Markay Media, and a short video bt Natalie Heisterkamp, a former Mentors in Violence Prevention leader and mentor. 
Awesome student intiative taken to help a new student that was bullied.
As a new group/club at our Junior High School, we will be fighting back against bullying, hate, and intolerance.
 We are a non profit organization devoted to prevention, protection, and preservation of a healthy, happy, and safe childhood through parental empowerment within the Mid South and beyond.   Our organization provides free educational, supportive, and referral services to all parents. Through education, mentoring, and assistance parents can become a very powerful and positive influence in their child's life. Almost every parent wants their child to become a healthy, happy, and successful adult. Our organization shares this goal and is dedicated to helping parents achieve it.   After all,  today's children are tomorrow's leaders.    The parental role takes preparation, patience, and a lot hard work. Over time, this role has become more increasingly difficult for a person to perform due to evolution of modern society and the obstacles it contains that pose serious threat to welfare and healthy development of all children and their families.       
 A Yoga Group created to teach simple Yoga to students, as well as bring awareness to hate crimes, to prevent discrimination.
We have recently started an anti-bullying group in Marshalltown with a goal of eliminating all forms of bullying including school bullying, cyber bullying, workplace bullying, bullying in the home and harassment of any kind in an effort to make our city a more open and welcoming community.We currently have a wide range of participants on the committee, including the mayor, the chair for the county board of supervisors, the sheriff, the police chief, the superintendent of schools and leaders of various businesses and organizations.We would like to expand our group to include you.We have only met twice and in those two meetings we have already brainstormed on several ideas to help make the community bully-free. Some of the ideas we have already discussed and are exploring for implementation include inviting several nationally known speakers on bullying including Rachel Scott’s father and Matthew Shepard’s mother. We have also discussed bringing the movie “Bully” to Marshalltown, participating in the Oktemberfest Parade, speaking to service clubs and doing extensive publicity to raise the awareness against bullying.