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Joselo's Journey Part 2

Joselo's Journey PART 2

Joselo talks about what it means to remember his brother and go to the trial everyday.

Since the killing of his brother, Marcelo, in November of 2008, Joselo Lucero has worked to share his brothers story and raise awareness about anti-immigrant violence. Now one of the seven teens charged in the killing is standing trial, and Joselo will be attending court every day until a verdict is reached. 

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The world is a village for everyone. We should be in a position to appreciate each other no matter what. Hate is not a justification for injurying or kiling others. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Omar Farah.

Mombasa Kenya.

 Thank you for sharing us about Marcelo and even in your grief, helping to end hate, discrimination and violence.


We wish you peace, love and hope!


Shelby Wallace
IHAVE Foundation