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2 Million Support Bullied 11-Year-Old Online

Read Colin's heartwarming story that touched over 2 million people around the world, and when you're done reading, watch the story behind Galvanized Soul's music video for 'Carry On' that features Colin.

Colin's Friends Facebook Page
  Colin’s mother snaps a photo of him smiling and
  posts it on his Facebook page for his birthday.

Hi, my name is Colin. Ever since first grade I haven’t had any friends, and the kids at school always picked on me or left me out because I was different.

For a long time we didn’t know why I was different, and the doctors couldn’t figure it out either, so all we knew was that I handled things differently than everyone else, and that made me seem weird to the other kids. It’s hard for me to know how to act with other people, and I don’t seem to understand the same things that other kids already know. And even worse than that, I used to have these big meltdowns and I’d say mean things I didn’t mean to say, or I’d run out of the classroom. They didn’t happen very often, but it was enough to make the other kids think I was not someone they’d want to hang around with.

So my birthday was coming up again last March, and my mom asked me, like she asked every year, if I’d like to have a birthday party. And I replied the same way that I always did, “There’s no point, I don’t have any friends."

My mom knew I was going to say that, but it still broke her heart. She knew that kids my age didn’t get me, but that a lot of adults loved me, so she came up with the idea to make a Facebook page for my birthday. She would invite her friends to like the page and have them say some nice things for my birthday, and then surprise me with their messages.

Apparently my story touched a lot of people’s hearts, because within a week that page had 8,000 likes on it! The local news wanted to do a story about it, but because it was still a secret from me, my mom went out while I stayed home with my dad and did the interview at a coffee shop. Within the next week, my page reached 1,000,000 likes! After being on TV, in newspapers, and on websites all over the world, the page now has more than 2 million likes.

Although my mom jokes that it was my smile on the profile picture that made everyone fall in love with me, I think that my story of being picked on and left out was all too familiar for millions of people.

I found out about my page just two days before my birthday, and it changed my life. Knowing that so many people are behind me has given me confidence and a belief in myself that I never had before. Although I still have to struggle with some bullying, I now see that having even one person who cares about you, like a mom, has the possibility to turn zero friends into 2 million.

Join Colin’s growing number of friends and like his Facebook page here. Learn more about National Bullying Prevention Month to discover what you can do to be an upstander and prevent bullying in your school.

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I realy like reading about Colin's daily happiness and enjoy hearing about his LOVE of life.

I am so proud fo you! I joined your site right away, because  my son is a lot like you and I know how tough it is when the other kids don't "get" you. I hope it makes you feel better that so many of us love and "get" you. And I hope it makes the other kids wonder what they've been missing out on all along.

I have been following Colin before he knew about his Facebook page. First hearing his mom's story about why she created the page just hit me hard. I have three children under the age of 13 and I know there have been times each of them has felt left out or different.  They have friends, but at that age kids turn on each other, decide one day they aren't your friend anymore etc.  I will never understand why some kids are mean and being mean just comes natural to them. I don't get it. 

Now since Colin and his family  shared so much of their lives I think they are truly amazing and their bond is so touching. Colin is such a together kid and though he may have his struggles (don't we all) I just wish all the best for him.  His parents and sister seem like such wonderful people and they are all lucky to have each other.  I feel lucky to have the pleasure of having a little window into their wonderful because it brightens me day.  Colin, I hope you continue to share your successes and anything else you wish with all of is because you make me smile.  My son

Is your same age and it makes me happy to see you thriving.  Thanks for all you do for so many just by being you!!!!



All who ever bullied me paid the price, this is not what your mother or the school would tell you to do. I was more physical  with my attackers because I was  one of eight so fighting just for my share at the table was necessary, going too far will and does land you in jail so tempering it to fit the enfraction is a talent and to be weighed carefully.

Remember that what you do changes you so if you want to attracked a good woman to be your sweetheart she must  see a gentle and tender person behind those glasses, from what I've read you already are that man now. Doing anything to change that will stay with you for all time as word gets around, the very person who might ruin it for you might be the guy you made pay. Being the victim is no way to get her either because she will be looking for someone who will protect her always, here lies your dillema my friend. Think before you act and then act for too much contemplation will make you back out. A bully's actions are to make him appear to all others that he is a somebody, he's feeding his ego so listen up there is the target and it must be done in front of his and your friends, take him down a moment at a time and he will look elsewhere or never ever do it again. Be strong young man, your future awaits.


We all have a story. I was held back in Kindergarten because I missed a lot of school. When I started the third grade that is when the mean things started being said about me. From four eyes, to weirdo, to a lot of inappropriate stuff. Then middle school was scary because I never knew what was going to happen I was pushed down a hallway and stuffed in a locker. The worst bullying that I endured was in high school by far because it seemed like to me that the words that were said cut deeper and stayed with me longer. These people who were my "friends" who were talking in groups about me as I passed by. I thought what did I do to deserve this, what did I do to them, and did I deserve it. I started believing the stereotypes and labels that people put on me. In recent months I have come out of my "shell" and started sharing my story with other because of Not In Our Town!

Reading about Colin and his story brings up a lot. I believe that Colin can get through anything he sets his mind to. He seems like a very nice person.

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