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Zakk Silveira, lead vocals and guitar player for the UPstanding band, Galvanized Souls, shares his own story about how he was bullied when he was younger and how Colin's story touched his heart. Galvanized Souls' song "Carry On" is an inspiring message to teach those who are victims of bullying that there is hope. All you have to do is carry on!
Colin, who is featured in the music video Carry On by Galvanized Souls, experienced relentless bullying at school. Read his heartwarming story that touched over 2 million people around the world. In this blog, you can also watch the story behind Galvanized Soul's music video for Carry On. Learn more about National Bullying Prevention Month to discover what you can do to be an upstander and prevent bullying in your school.
In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, Not In Our School has partnered with alternative rock band Galvanized Souls. Southern California is buzzing about the band, not only because of the impressive caliber of their original music, but because they are also a young band that takes a stand. They have produced some of the most powerful music videos to convey the message to their peers to believe in themselves and to carry on.
This National Bullying Prevention Month, Not In Our School & rock band Galvanized Souls teamed up for the Be an UPstander: #LendYourVoice Campaign. Here you will find featured videos, blogs, and anti-bullying activities.
Galvanized Souls is a rock band whose core members are comprised of four young Southern California musicians, whose music is influenced by decades of rock music. While a relatively new band, they have played many shows at high profile venues, fairs, fundraisers and music festivals throughout Southern California. Having endured bullying themselves, the band members bring awareness and advocate against bullying. They were inspired to write their upcoming original song, “Carry On,” when they heard about an 11-year-old boy named Colin who faced bullying in an extraordinary way. Colin is even featured in the music video.