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Break Bullying: Not in the Break Room, Not on the Playground

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Middle School (6-8)
High School (9-12)

Break Bullying: Not in the Break Room, Not on the Playground

Bullying: Unacceptable for an adult, unacceptable for a child. What will you do to stand up?

Learn more about bullying solutions here.

Closed captioning available for this film. To turn on closed captioning, hit play and go to the bottom right-hand corner and click "CC."

Produced by MAKE, a professional ad agency in Minneapolis, MN. Directed by Mike Nelson and donated to Not In Our Town.

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Thank you for sharing this... this is so sad and true

    I felt very sad and angry, when the man was bullying the people who was making coffee, the other people did not come to help the person, they just looked at the bullying from happen to the end. Every has to help someone out, then we can stop the bullying happen again and again, it is very important and necessary things we have to do it for many people.

 Very powerful and chilling to see from the adult angle - a great way to expose the unacceptable nature of bullying, in any situation. 

I have never been bullied or maybe i don't remember. I felt sad and angry. Sad because that poor man was trying to  ignore the man who was bullying and cursing at him. But angry because no one in the room who were didn't say nothing. They let the man bully the little man without helping them. If we want Bullying to stop we need to STAND UP and to help each other like calling a supervisor so he can fix the situation. The other people should have told that to the boss so they could fire that man. WE CAN END BULLYING IF WE BECOME ONE! i really can't understand why people should bully for? Those people who bully other people does that make them feel powerful or respectful? Those people have no heart. 

This is one of the better PSAs I've ever seen. As a kid who was bullied, now looking back at what happened then and what is happening now, bullying isn't any different now than it was 20 years ago. The difference is that 20 years ago, I could go home, or to my after school club where the bullies were not. Thanks to the internet, now the bullies are everywhere. And the things they do and say are not just teasing or taunting, they are assault and battery and slander and libel. If adults were to do and say those things, they'd be criminally prosecuted, then civily sued. Bullying on this level will not end until kids are taught the concequences to their actions. 

Heart-wrenching and moving. Sad to say, this happens in corporate America every single day. People are afraid they won't fit in,so they go along with the bully and don't stick up for the abused. It's time to be a more caring and compassionate society.

Me and two of my friends are being bullied . We Want to stand up for ourselves but were scred this person might threaten us or another friend. All we get is notes in our lockers and written words on the outside of our lockers. We Dont know what to say . We've been to cut but now were usually going to talk to our consuelor alot because of some other issues but not this were afraid to tell anybody else so we just keep these things in between us three. Can You Please Help Me.?

 This campaign is such a great idea, and I would love to implement it in my school, because I feel that it could really have an impact on the students. 

I was wondering if there was any tips or where I should start?


A grade ten student who wants to make a difference. 

Excellent video, with a relevant video. This is the apt way to end bullying, and not in the manner, we have been known till date. This will make anyone think twice before bullying someone. I really appreciate your concerns and for posting this video.

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