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Are you ready to DO SOMETHING about bullying?

This week's broadcast of Anderson Cooper's special report: "Bullying: It Stops Here" on CNN and Lady Gaga's recent announcement that she will go to the U.S. president to address the bullying problem has brought bullying onto the national agenda.   

But solutions are out there. Across the country, students and teachers are sharing stories, joining together and taking action to create safe schools, free from stereotypes, intolerance, and hate. They're part of a movement called Not In Our School.

Here are three short videos that introduce you to the breadth of student and teacher-led movements. 

What is Not In Our School?


Students Map Bully Zones to Create a Safer School  

At Orange High School in Pepper Pike, Ohio, students are mapping their school to locate the spaces where bullying takes place. After identifying the "bully hotspots," including the cafeteria, media lab, and locker rooms, students created a flash freeze demonstration to raise awareness about bullying, and opened the conversation about how to create a safer school. Narrated by Yul Kwon.


Students Teach Students to Stand up to Bullying 

At Shaw High School in East Cleveland, OH, students in Lori Urogody-Eiler's Facing History and Ourselves class mentor younger students in how to be an upstander, not a bystander, when faced with bullying and intolerant acts.

Coming in 2012 on PBS: Students leaders stand up to hate and bullying at 20 schools in Lancaster, Calif., and on the campuses of the University of Mississippi and Indiana University.

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  I am so moved by these stories of young people, supported by their teachers, who are finding new ways to stand up for each other in the face of bullying and harassment.  We have so much to learn from those who are facing the pain. 

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