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Tools for Faith leaders who face immigration divide


The faith community has been struggling to deal with their core teachings and deep divisions in their congregations over immigration. 

It's not always easy for clergy to speak out on immigration reform. Sometimes they don't see eye to eye with their flock. Unity in the Community, the long-time Not In Our Town affiliate in Manassas, VA, has put together Words of Compassion,  a collection of relevant resources  from a wide variety of religious texts, faith-based organizations and the interfaith community. No matter your stance on the issues, anyone looking to approach the immigration issue from a faith-based perspective should find it tremendously useful. The teachings emphasize the religious bases for acceptance of differences, and recognition of our common humanity.

July 5 article in the New York Times describes an "unusual display of ecumenical solidarity on an explosive issue" this past weekend in Houston, TX. Pastors, priests, rabbis and ministers from a wide variety of houses of worship, including the True Life Missionary Baptist Church pictured above, devoted their Fourth of July sermons to promoting the cause of fixing America's broken immigration system.

Has your church, mosque, synagogue or other house of worship sponsored a dialogue on immigration reform? Is the interfaith community active in calls for immigration reform in your area?




The Manassas document is indeed a wonderful compendium of religious statements on immigration, all of which seem to take the globalist rather than nationalist view of the matter.  They imagine a future where nations and agencies cooperate for the welfare of all peoples.  What an idea!  Brian Stein-Webber Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County

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