Maine | Not in Our Town


Mapping hate across U.S.Data visualization company Floating Sheep has produced a fascinating map of the mainland U.S. which charts the use of hate speech on twitter. The so-called “hate map” shows the frequency of geotagged tweets containing certain certain racist, homophobic and ableist terms, the end result being an interactive map highlighting hate hot spots across the country.
Congratulations to the Center for Preventing Hate in Portland, Maine, which is celebrating this week its first decade of education and outreach against prejudice and discrimination. Founder and executive Stephen Wessler (pictured), Maine's former assistant attorney, has led programs in 25 states and nine foreign countries. Recently  he created and led a hate-crime-response training session in Poland for activists from 30 different countries. Wessler also took part in the 2006 Not In Our Town National Gathering in Bloomington, IL. Here's to another decade of good works, Stephen!