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Los Angeles

Above: The building targeted with hate speech at UC Berkeley, from Berkleyside. Below: UCLA, from KPCC.
Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs until Oct. 15, is an opportunity to reflect on the contributions of new Americans. In this short video, high school students in Los Angeles embark on a project to help change the perception of new immigrants in their community.  In their campaign “Don’t drop the I-bomb” they hope to remove the negative connotation of the word “illegal” and create a more equal and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Discuss: What particular actions of the students do you believe were the most effective? Do you think the actions of these students will create a more positive view of immigrants in their community? Why or why not? What are other ways people can work together to create a more positive atmosphere for recent immigrants?   This video features Facing History and Ourselves teachers at Animo Jackie Robinson High School.
San Francisco, CA: With California in economic crisis, and the state's schools facing a crippling budget crunch, the University of California is in the midst of one of its deepest, most disturbing conflicts over race, tolerance and diversity in recent memory. The UC system from Davis to San Diego has been rocked by racist, anti-Semitic and anti-gay incidents, creating an atmosphere of fear and distrust. The impact has reverberated nationwide, prompting Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to condemn the "intolerable acts of racism" on UC campuses--harsh words indeed from the state's highest office. The UC Board of Regents is meeting tomorrow at UC San Francisco to address the situation.