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hurricane sandy

Native Americans Open Up About Prejudice in Montana NIOT Summit Native Americans in Montana still face discrimination every day, said attendees at the Not In Our Town “Summit on Hate” in Billings, MN last week, hosted by NIOT Billings. Sometimes the racist attacks come in the form of “war chants” at high school football games. Other times, it’s  the derogatory comments about government assistance all natives supposedly get. “I’ve been waiting for my ‘free Indian money’ my whole life. It doesn’t happen,” said Luella Brien, a member of the Crow tribe. Brien and others related their experiences at the summit. Read more on Indian Country Today. Northeast Neighbors Band Together in Sandy’s WakeNew York and New Jersey residents are still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, but neighborhoods have banded together to help out those most affected by the superstorm.
Superstorm Sandy has battered the Northeast, the losses ranging from homes to loved ones. Still, these stories show us how neighbors are courageously stepping forward to help and rebuild after the storm.  Belle Harbor residents lend surfboards, kayaks to relief efforts Though faced with a four-foot high wall of water in their streets, residents of this Queens beach town worked together and used whatever they could to help neighbors in the midst of Hurricane Sandy.  One man used his surfboards and kayaks to ferry his 82-year-old mother and other residents on his street to safety, while others helped evacuate neighbors from their burning homes. This story was originally reported on CBS News.  Comsewogue community holds food drives to help hurricane-ravaged areas Dozens of Comsewogue residents helped out needy families during the disaster with truckloads of donated goods.