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East Coast Neighborhoods Band Together to Help WIth Sandy Relief Efforts

Superstorm Sandy has battered the Northeast, the losses ranging from homes to loved ones. Still, these stories show us how neighbors are courageously stepping forward to help and rebuild after the storm. 

Belle Harbor residents lend surfboards, kayaks to relief efforts

Though faced with a four-foot high wall of water in their streets, residents of this Queens beach town worked together and used whatever they could to help neighbors in the midst of Hurricane Sandy. 

One man used his surfboards and kayaks to ferry his 82-year-old mother and other residents on his street to safety, while others helped evacuate neighbors from their burning homes. This story was originally reported on CBS News.

Comsewogue community holds food drives to help hurricane-ravaged areas

Dozens of Comsewogue residents helped out needy families during the disaster with truckloads of donated goods.

The community loaded up every vehicle it could find—family vans, fire trucks and even an old racing trailer—with food, water, blankets and other non-perishables. The goods were sent on their way to the community of Lindenhurst, a costal town hit hard by the hurricane. Check out the slideshow of the food drive on Port Jefferson Patch

With marathon canceled, participants run eight miles to deliver supplies

Runners from around the world had gathered last week to participate in the New York Marathon. With the event canceled due the devastation from Sandy, many of the participants put their legs to use running supplies to needy communities.

Nearly 1,000 runners jogged eight miles with bags of supplies on their backs, delivering the goods to hard hit areas around Staten Island. Check out the full story on Fox News Latino.

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