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This October, Be an Upstander and Lend Your Voice

This National Bullying Prevention Month, lend your voice to stop bullying. 

Galvanized Souls
Not In Our School partners with rock group Galvanized Souls
to stand up against bullying. Colin, 11, is the star of their new
music video called "Carry On." Colin, who was once bullied,
received the birthday present of a lifetime, when his mom
created a Facebook page for friends and family to greet Colin
"Happy Birthday" that generated over 2 million likes. 
Source: USA Today

According to a UCLA psychology study, 70.6 percent of teens have seen bullying occur in their schools. But if someone intervenes, the bullying stops within 10 seconds.

Clearly, being an upstander—someone who stands up to prevent harm from being done—makes a powerful difference! You can move from being a bystander to an upstander when you 1. Safely intervene, 2. Get help, 3. Befriend the targeted person, and 4. Take action to make the world a better place.

In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, Not In Our School has partnered with alternative rock band Galvanized Souls. Southern California is buzzing about the band, not only because of the impressive caliber of their original music, but because they are also a young band that takes a stand. They have produced some of the most powerful music videos to convey the message to their peers to believe in themselves and to carry on.

Not In Our School and Galvanized Souls are standing together for a campaign called Be an Upstander: Lend Your Voice where we all can take 10 seconds out of our day to stand up for others and stop bullying.

Each week, we're sharing a featured video and blog about being an UPstander.

Here’s how you can lend your voice:

Learn more about the Be an Upstander: Lend Your Voice campaign here.

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