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A few key moments from the first ten years of the Not In Our Town movement. (10:14)
Grocery workers came to the aid of a customer who was attacked. (2:17)
When the Neo-Nazi group, the National Socialist Movement, came to Olympia, Washington, community members responded by celebrating diversity and unity in the community. (8 min 39 sec) Related Local Lesson: A Guide to Responding to Hate Groups: Lessons from Olympia, Washington
After a mosque and community center for Somali immigrants was vandalized, Maine's Lewiston-Auburn community rallied in support of their Muslim neighbors. (2:18)
An excerpt from Not In Our Town Northern California, after a cross burning struck fear into a family, the community marches to lend their support. When an African-American resident of the small Northern California town of Anderson woke one winter morning in 2004 to an 8-foot-tall burning cross on her lawn, neighbors, city and church leaders quickly organized in support of her and her young family. (5:33) This film is part of the hour-long Not In Our Town: Northern California special. Click here to purchase the DVD and download our free educator guide here.
An excerpt from Not In Our Town II, broadcast on PBS in 1996. South Carolina citizens rebuild churches and act to prevent racially-motivated arson. This video chronicles community response to church arsons in the 1990's. In the Heart of the South -- St. John Baptist Church in South Carolina, originally founded by slaves, was nearly destroyed by racially motivated vandalism in 1985. Ten years later in 1995, it burned to the ground. As members of this small congregation gather at the charred ruins and vow to rebuild we meet Ammie Murray, who leads community efforts in support of the parishioners and New York Fire Fighter Pete Critsimilios who was so moved by St. John Baptist's plight that he sent 100 engraved bibles. Also profiled are labor union members who rebuild churches throughout the South. (4:58) Purchase the full DVD below. Individual or Institutional Individual $24.99 USDInstitutional $99.99 USD
The twin cities of Bloomington - Normal, Illinois, were early adopters of Not In Our Town before a hate crime occurred. Then when a wave of arsons struck African American churches across the country, the campaign drew even more support from twin city residents. (3:19) 
When the Ku Klux Klan announced they would rally in Kokomo, Indiana, civic leaders decided to respond. To prepare, police studied videotapes of other recent Klan actions and encouraged community members who opposed the KKK to organize their own counter event.  The local newspaper organized a petition for tolerance, and on the day the Klan rallied, hundreds of citizens gathered across town for a Unity rally. (3:51)
A group of concerned citizens in Prince William County, VA, work to rebuild community in the aftermath of the killing of a Mexican day laborer, Serafin Negrete. (4:03)
Residents from East Palo Alto and Palo Alto marched from one city hall to the other to protest the practice of racial profiling by the Palo Alto Police Department against African Americans and all people of color. (3:19)