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Video Category: Diversity/Multiculturalism

  Welcome signs surrounding a city can be important markers signifying much more than its population or city seal. The Northern California city of Newark decided to affirm its dedication to fostering acceptance and inclusion by unveiling a city plaque and banners with this message. (2:22)   This film is part of the hour-long Not In Our Town: Northern California special. Click here to purchase the DVD and download our free educator guide here.
Leaders of the Silicon Valley community of Mountain View are joining forces to make their city more inclusive and safe for everyone. (3:09)
After the killing of Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero, concerned community members of Patchogue, NY, formed the Unity Coalition, and hosted an evening of performances dedicated to unity and inclusiveness. Local high school students performed alongside a leading cast member of the Broadway production "In the Heights." (3:32)