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Video Category: Diversity/Multiculturalism

In June 2010, the Aryan Nations came to Gettysburg to hold a rally on the on the historic battlefield where Abraham Lincoln delivered his most stirring defense of American democracy. The Adams Unity Coalition, a group made up of several local organizations, came together to hold their own peaceful rally across town that celebrated and embraced the diversity in their community. Read more about this rally from in our blog post, Tainting the Ground where Abe Lincoln Walked and in our Local Lesson, Historic Gettysburg Battlefield "Re-consecrated" after Hate Group Rally.   Join the conversation on the NIOT Facebook Page. Credits:  Executive Producer: Patrice O'Neill Producer: Kirthi Nath Editor: Jill Strong Camera: Steve Sapienza Music: David Molina Additional rally footage courtesy of Russia TV
This is what the nation did not see on the evening news: a peaceful gathering of nearly 1000 people in downtown Oakland on July 8, 2010, following the involuntary manslaughter verdict of BART police officer Johannes Mehserle in the shooting death of Oscar Grant. Executive Producer: Patrice O'NeillProducer: Adrienne CaloCamera: Anthony Lucero and Adam ChristyMusic courtesy: Turf Unity Music ProjectSpecial thanks to: Youth Radio reporter Pendarvis Harshaw. Learn more about Youth Radio at
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When Fred Phelps' hate group pickets at Lowell High School in San Francisco, students rally to show their love for their diverse, inclusive community (3 min 7 sec).
A few key moments from the first ten years of the Not In Our Town movement. (10:14)
The Fort Collins Not In Our Town Alliance (NIOTA) created a book club to bring community members together to discuss issues of acceptance, diversity, and inclusion. This video documents NIOTA's discussion of "The Tortilla Curtain," a novel about the parallel stories of a Mexican couple and a white couple in Los Angeles. The book was chosen to generate discussion about immigration issues. (2:34) Related Blog Post: Fort Collins Book Club a Novel Approach to Talking About Acceptance
After a mosque and community center for Somali immigrants was vandalized, Maine's Lewiston-Auburn community rallied in support of their Muslim neighbors. (2:18)
Over a decade ago, one town took a stand against hate and intolerance. Their story helped launch a national movement: Not In Our Town. You can join them! (1:26)
Rockford, Illinois, organized a five-month Not In Our Town campaign, after employees in the Rockford Park District brought the idea to the city. Area businesses, churches, and schools signed onto a Not In Our Town proclamation and participated in the campaign. The campaign culminated with a community march across the river that divides the city's east and west sides. (3:58)
When the Ku Klux Klan announced they would rally in Kokomo, Indiana, civic leaders decided to respond. To prepare, police studied videotapes of other recent Klan actions and encouraged community members who opposed the KKK to organize their own counter event.  The local newspaper organized a petition for tolerance, and on the day the Klan rallied, hundreds of citizens gathered across town for a Unity rally. (3:51)