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Who Cares? I Do! Here's Why...

Why do you care about standing up to hate and intolerance?  This is the question Not In Our Town is posing with a new video campaign, and we want YOU to be a part of it!  We're asking you to make a video response to tell your story of why you're ready to stand up to hate.

Make your video:
Make a video telling us in 1-2 sentences why YOU personally feel inspired to take a stand against hate and intolerance.  You can do this any way you like: use your flip cam, cell phone camera, laptop, or even make a text video. Then upload your video response to our YouTube video campaign page.  Finally, share the video with at least 3 friends- you can use the "send to a friend" button below or, Facebook is also an easy way to do this!  We are exciting to see your video!

Want to participate, but feeling stumped? Here are some writing prompts to get your ideas, feelings, and thoughts flowing. Write whatever comes to mind and let it flow. After this brainstorm, you will come up with your 1-2 sentence answer, but for this part, just write what comes to mind.

Have you ever experienced or witnessed intolerance or discrimination?
How did it make you feel?
What happened?
Did you do anything, or what did you want to do?
Why do you want to take a stand against hate and intolerance (dig deep into why this is personally important to you)?

How do you think you can stand up to hate and intolerance?
Have you seen someone stand up to hate or bigotry?
Was it inspiring or empowering?

Using what came up in your free write, write 1-2 sentences about why you personally feel inspired to take a stand against hate and intolerance. Then make your video and post it as a response to our video on YouTube!


The video responses are coming in...but we are still awaiting and excited to see yours!

Here is a link to the video responses so far...http://www.youtube.com/video_response_view_all?v=TcymEhxZgrk

Just got a link to a personal blog from Matt Burge, our project manager at Echo Ditto.  Check out his blog post:  Hate a violence in our communities. Who cares? I do! Thanks for sharing Matt!


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