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Class Actions: Talk About It


The video really got me thinking about ways I can address problems in my own community.  It made me realize that students can play a large role in creating change and bringing people together.

I don’t really know much about Mississippi but since I’m in a class about Faulkner, it was interesting that I could connect things from fiction to reality.

In the documentary, I learned a lot about the Ole Miss background, it’s really deeply entrenched in confederate Civil War mentality and has a strong correlation to racism. I was kind of  amazed that there could be such a passionate and vocal group of students that came out of that community and that they could actually make a significant change  -- that makes me really hopeful

I didn’t even know that there was a chant “The South Will Rise Again” and that students said it at Ole Miss football games so that was new. I also didn’t know the KKK still existed so that was pretty intense to see. Since I’m not from the south, I didn’t really know how present racial problems still are in the south.

My son was fortunate to attend Del Sur school and work with Laurie Massari and the, "Not in our Town, Not in our school" program.   I was also Principal at one of the High Schools who participated.

It was and is a great program.  Students can immediately identify and own the experiences of Bullies and Bullyers.  I am going to screen the movie for my students at my new High School in Montebello, CA.  I know that my student leaders will want to do something similar!  Children of any age can be cruel.  it's great to experience a program that encourages kids to look within themselves and take positive action.

 Thank you for this message, Patricia. We look forward to hearing from you about what happens in Montebello. Almost every school that becomes involved in NIOS invents new activities. It's amazing what happens when adults and school leaders find an opportunity to open the conversation for students. The young people so often end up leading all of us! Patrice from NIOT


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