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Action Kit

The attached guide was created by Church World Service's Immigration and Refugee Program. 
Here you will find a Not On Our Campus Proclamation from Scottsdale Community College, in Scottsdale, AZ. The proclamation opposes hate violence and promotes safety, inclusion, and acceptance on the Scottsdale Communty College campus. This proclamation also designates a Not In Our Town Day.  Download and adapt for your campus. 
As part of their Not In Our Town campaign, Marshalltown, Iowa, created orange Not In Our Town T-Shirts to unify the movement and allow participants to show their support for the anti-bullying efforts in Marshalltown. The Not In Our Town community dons these shirts at events such as the Aug. 30, 2012 rally at the Marshall County Courthouse, and "orange-out" at a football game in September.  Interested in personalized t-shirts for your Not In Our Town or Not In Our School campaign? Visit our store. 
  Left: Bloomington's pledge card implores signers to stand against racism by pledging not to judge people by their racial origin.Right: Fort Collins, CO, employs its pledge to address hate by courageously preserving each person's dignity, as well as basic civil rights. Left: As part of Susan Guess' anti-bullying campaign in Paducah, KY, youth at the Washington Street Baptist Church wrote pledges to stop bullying.
Here you will find materials used by other communities to stand up to hate in their town. You may download these materials and use them as inspiration in your own communities. Charleston and Wheeling, West Virginia   In 2010, Fred Phelps' Westboro hate group announced it would picket Catholic and Jewish institutions in the two towns, a local university, and a mine where more than a dozen miners had recently lost their lives. The community launched "West Virginia: No Place for Hate," a multi-pronged action campaign that was featured on  
  Not in Our Town Northern California presents four stories that look at five communities dealing with and responding to hate violence. With this Educator Guide, you can build a unit around the entire film or you can focus on one or more of the individual Educator Modules. The modules are eight to 20 minutes long and can easily be incorporated into your classroom curricula. The lesson plans in this Educator Guide are presented in the order that the modules are listed here. The four modules are: “STAGING A RESPONSE TO HATE,” Newark, Calif., 2002—After a transgender teen is killed by local youth in the suburban community of Newark, high school students, residents and civic leaders struggle with how to deal with a brutal and preventable crime. “SUMMER OF HATE,” Sacramento and Redding, Calif., 1999—Sacramento mobilizes after the worst anti-Semitic attacks in the California capital’s history; Redding citizens find new strength in diversity after a prominent gay couple is murdered.
Starting Not In Our School on your middle or high school campus? Download posters, flyers, action forms, and action cards from successful Not In Our School campaigns here.