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Sample Pledges


Left: Bloomington's pledge card implores signers to stand against racism by pledging not to judge people by their racial origin.

Right: Fort Collins, CO, employs its pledge to address hate by courageously preserving each person's dignity, as well as basic civil rights.

Left: As part of Susan Guess' anti-bullying campaign in Paducah, KY, youth at the Washington Street Baptist Church wrote pledges to stop bullying.

Right: Copies of the Marshalltown pledges
against hate
were stuffed into various store shopping bags. Names of those who signed the pledge appeared in a free ad in the local paper, the Times-Republican, to show the community-wide support for the anti-hate movement.

All pledges can be downloaded in full-size at the top of the page, under "Files."

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  Hello I am Nasteho I am from Omaha NE  But I live In Lexington NE At Lexington High School 

I want to help stop the bulling that is going in people lives and i want to make a differences. I want to speak out and be a care person and care for those who can't sleep knowing that when they got to school they would get bullied and harsserd and called names. I am willing to help and speak out to the world and let them know that is not right to treat others with disrespect . I think stadning up for my slef is imporant but standing with others is more important and standing up for others is most important. 


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