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Action Kit

  You may be someone who is concerned about divisions in your neighborhood or school, or you may live in a community that has experienced hate-based threats or violence. Even just one individual or a small group can start a movement to stand up to hate.  Not In Our Town is a program for people and communities working together to stop hate, address school bullying and build safe, inclusive environments for all.  This quick guide provides steps for starting a Not In Our Town campaign that fits your local needs.
  This publication from Religions for Peace USA provides a guide for hosting or attending "A Seat at the Table" dinners: gatherings that aim to open conversations between different faiths and cultures. An excerpt from the guide: A Seat at the Table are small, informal gatherings of people of all faiths and cultures who get to know one another and their faiths. Religions for Peace USA believes that these conversations - intentionally planned out and well facilitated - can be transformative. The opportunity to get to know your neighbor of a different fiath helps to dispel misinformation and stereotypes.
  This guide from our partners at Interfaith Alliance raises and addresses important questions about the Muslim community in America. An excerpt from the guide: This publication provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions about religious freedom and American Muslims. From the beginning of our history, religious liberty has been at the heart of the American vision of democratic freedom. Within the civic framework provided by the U.S. Constitution, religion has long played an important role in American public life, without being enforced or controlled by government.
Download Free PDF Guide  In the Not In Our Town network, we know that change can happen when we work together, but we also know it can be difficult to bring all parties to the table. This guide will give tips and guidance on making that happen. This guide emphasizes the importance of bringing diverse members of the community together to identify issues and challenges regarding intergroup relations.
Download Free PDF Guide An alliance of Jewish women formed to support Judiaism and address women's issues, known as Project Kesher, has given the NIOT message international momentum.  Since 2007, Project Kesher has introduced Not In Our Town projects in 20 towns across Ukraine and Russia.   Project Kesher has stood up to intolerance by providing leadership training, workshops, exhibitions and creative events to educate younger generations about acceptance, while including lessons of self-empowerment and personal growth in its campaigns. 
Twenty-five years of successful action in local communities have shown us that each of us has a role to play in making our towns safe for everyone.  If you are responding to an incident, these Stop Hate Action Steps provide successful ways to mobilize leaders and residents in your town.
This guide is republished with permission from United Religions Initiative. Learn more at  IDEAS FOR ACTION BY FAITH COMMUNITIES, INTERFAITH GROUPS AND URI COOPERATION CIRCLES