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Ten Ideas for Sparking Action in Your Town

Twenty-five years of successful action in local communities have shown us that each of us has a role to play in making our towns safe for everyone. 

If you are responding to an incident, these Stop Hate Action Steps provide successful ways to mobilize leaders and residents in your town.

10 Ideas For Sparking Action In Your TownWhether you are responding or working to prevent divisions, these  action steps  provide real-life examples of successful grassroots efforts in the Not In Our Town movement.  This guide is a companion to “Not In Our Town Quick Start Guide: How to Start a Campaign."

Using the 10 action ideas listed both in the guide and below, you too can inspire your community to stand up to intolerance and create a diverse enviornment where everyone is safe, accepted and included.

10 Action Steps to Improve Tolerance & Acceptance:

  1. Gather Your Neighbors at Public Events
  2. Make a Pledge to Stand Against Hate & Bullying
  3. Involve Students in Anti-Bullying Campaigns
  4. Use Films and Stories to Engage
  5. Make Your Values Visible
  6. Send Signals of Inclusion
  7. Celebrate Diversity to Outshine Hate
  8. Work with Arts & Media Organizations
  9. Be Persistent and Keep it Going
  10. Share Your Story & Connect



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