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Students Teach Students to Stand Up to Bullying

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Middle School (6-8)

Students Teach Students to Stand up to Bullying

At Shaw High School in East Cleveland, OH, students in Lori Urogdy-Eiler's Facing History and Ourselves class mentor younger students in how to be an upstander, not a bystander, when faced with bullying and intolerant acts. (5:48)

This video is part of the Not In Our School Video Action Kit, a comprehensive toolkit featuring films, lessons, and resources designed to motivate students to speak out against bullying, and create new ways to make their schools safe for everyone. Learn more about the Video Action Kit.


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Im 21 years old and i think the anti bullying law is not working! My sister gets bullied every day! I think WE all need to make it stop! So stand up and make a difference! (:

My daughter get pick on at school every day I went to the school and talk to the teacher and I went to see the bully mum and dad all they did just wipe it under the carpet and you help

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