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On Oct. 17, 2014, Aquil Rasheed, an Oakland teacher and NIOS activist gave a Not In Our School Trainer-of-Trainers workshop, sponsored by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights to teams of students and their teachers from 20 schools in northern Michigan. At the session, students were introduced to the ideas of bullying and intolerance and learned ways to be upstanders, people who stand up and speak up for themselves and others to stop harm from being done. Here he shares about his experience at the Traverse City Anti-Bullying Conference.
Are you an educator who wants to address bullying and motivate your entire community to create a safe, inclusive, and accepting school? NIOS workshops can help develop Not In our School anti-bullying campaigns, using our award-winning documentary films and lesson guides.Learn about our professional development models options, customized to your needs. Get in touch through the interest form below. How can a NIOS workshop help my school? NIOS workshops offer: Schoolwide models for creating and implementing identity safe and inclusive environment on campus Ideas for putting students in the driver’s seat to lead school-wide anti-bullying efforts Tools for developing NIOS campaigns involving students, parents, civic leaders, and the community Methods for teaching all students to move from bystanders to upstanders who speak up for themselves and others Tips for supporting students who are bullied, as well as populations often targeted for their disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or perceived sexual identity