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California Sikh Youth Voices Promoting Diversity: A Video Contest Share Your Story about Sikh Culture and Your Experiences Standing Up to Bullying The goal of the Sikh Youth Voices video contest is to create more awareness and understanding of Sikh culture and to help schools create more welcoming and inclusive environments that are free of bullying. Not In Our School and UNITED SIKHS are proud to share student-made videos on our websites for use in classrooms across the country and the world. We believe that building, understanding and creating awareness of Sikh culture as well as solutions to bullying will help make schools safer and more inclusive for all students. Sharing stories through the voices of Sikh youth is a wonderful way to make that happen. We are seeking youth-made videos that share the following:
  Scott Hannah and Tyler Gregory make up the NoBull Guys, national   spokespeople for The Great American NO BULL Challenge. Photo. Is it possible for two students to change the perspective that millions of youth have on bullying? We think so, in fact, we are doing everything it takes to be those two students. We call ourselves The NoBull Guys, and we are on a mission to inspire bravery and make the world a kinder place. We embarked on our journey when we heard about the suicide of 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer. We realized that this could have been anyone in our community, one of our friends, or one of our siblings. We wanted suffering victims of bullying to realize that they have a reason to live and that they are worth something to somebody, no matter who they are.
We here at Not In Our School would like to thank all of the students who submitted short films to the 2012 Not In Our School “What Do YOU Say?” Video Challenge. As an organization that produces and distributes documentary films, we were excited to see so many talented young cinematographers coming together to stand up against discrimination in their schools! Two videos stood out for their original depiction of Not In Our School’s message of inclusion and respect. We are excited to award these students from South Carolina and Wisconsin for their films that positively encouraged students to be upstanders in the face of bullying. How can we show you that you are not alone? Written, produced, and filmed by Emily Marciniak, John Karolus, and Ben Wihelm, Grade 11, Antigo High School, Wisconsin.  What Do YOU Say to Bullies?