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united against hate

Berkeley, Calif. Mayor Jesse Arreguin invites you to participate in this November's United Against Hate Week. At a time when our country is deeply divided and intolerance is on the rise, we must strive to unite, educate, inspire and build a shared vision of an inclusive Bay Area and country that rejects hate and bigotry. Learn more about it.
Our cities, workplaces and schools are constantly striving to do better. Yet our communities are not immune to the danger that is spreading across our country. Hate happens here. In the face of this challenge, communities have joined together to help our residents and leadersdo something about it.
When members of white supremacist groups began a campaign to hold rallies in Berkeley and Oakland, California, a group of community leaders came up with a way to make a statement that neo-nazis, their hatred and their ideas were not welcome in the East Bay. For the first episode of our new podcast, Not In Our Town gathered the organizers of the poster project at our office in Downtown Oakland to talk with them about their poster project.