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The Not In Our School (NIOS) Video Action Kit is a comprehensive toolkit featuring 20 films, lessons, and resources designed to motivate students to speak out against bullying, and create new ways to make their schools safe for everyone. Newly updated with lessons aligned to Common Core State Standards and California Health Education Content Standards, the NIOS Video Action Kit provides tools you can use to activate your entire school community, and incorporate social-emotional learning and identity-safe practices throughout your school. The NIOS Video Action Kit contains everything you need to need to launch your own Not in Our School anti-bullying campaign, including: Original Not in Our Town DVD and lesson guide Not in Our Town: When Hate Happens Here DVD and lesson guide 18 short films showcasing positive student action, with lessons organized by theme and grade level Step-by-step Not In Our School Quick Start Guide
A Not In Our School campaign is a long-term student-led effort to prevent and address bullying and intolerance in a school. A student-led assembly is an excellent way to launch a Not In Our School (NIOS) campaign. This kit provides examples of activities and resources that can be adapted to any school, grades K-12. Not In Our School Anti-Bullying Launch Assembly Kit  Not In Our School designed a model for a student-led assembly that can be carried out in any school, youth group, or community. The assembly incorporates the Not In Our School Core Principles with students taking the lead in addressing bullying and intolerance. Students learn to be upstanders and work toward an accepting and identity safe school environment with the support of the larger community. Download and view the following here:
Dealing with bullying is a delicate and complex procedure. The Not In Our School (NIOS) Parent Guide for Preventing and Addressing Bullying and Intolerance highlights what you—as a parent—should do when your child is a victim of bullying. Acting rashly or not acting at all will do nothing to help your child, and this guide gives concrete and specific ideas on the best way to approach a very sensitive situation.
  Preventing bullying and intolerance can be part of your daily curriculum. Using Not In Our School films and lesson plans, students learn to think, analyze, speak articulately on many topics and understand the importance of safe physical and emotional school climates.
Campaña “No en nuestra escuela” Una guía rápida para comenzar (Descarge el PDF) La campaña “No en nuestra escuela” (NIOS por su nombre en inglés) supone un compromiso constante con el empoderamiento de los/as estudiantes para crear un ambiente seguro, inclusivo, libre de “bullying”, acoso homofóbico, prejuicios religiosos, racismo y cualquier otra forma de intolerancia. Cada campaña de NIOS toma en cuenta las características de la comunidad escolar y responde a su problemática y necesidades específicas. Una campaña NIOS moviliza a los/as estudiantes a convertirse en defensores que actúan en representación de otros y a crear un clima que refleja los valores de seguridad, respeto e inclusión de las siguientes maneras:
In a NIOS campaign, the entire school community unites to say “NOT IN OUR SCHOOL” and communicate the principles behind it. While many effective programs and projects exist to end student bullying and improve school climate, NIOS offers a unique opportunity to link and amplify many unified voices working against intolerance and hate in campaigns across the country.   NIOS is not a cookie cutter program; it is a network of school-led initiatives that share common beliefs, but not prescribed activities. 
  Create a school climate of safety, respect and inclusion with these innovative solutions to bullying Not In Our School Campaign: A Quick Start Guide   Download the Quick Start Guide in English  |  Para la versión en español - Presione aquí    The Not In Our School (NIOS) Quick Start Guide will help you mobilize students to be “upstanders” who take action to stand up for another and create a climate that reflects the values of safety, respect, and inclusion. The guide highlights innovative solutions to bullying and intolerance, and presents activities that have been successfully implemented in schools and may be viewed in videos with lesson guides at