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One Billion Rising: Sexual Harassment, Rape and Bullying Are All Part of a Continuum of Violence On Feb. 14, Eve Ensler has organized ONE BILLION RISING to DANCE and DEMAND an end to violence against women. Thousands will participate in events in more than 187 countries. One in three women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. Bullying prevention researcher Dorothy Espelage found that sexual harassment, homophobic teasing, and bullying are often inter-related. In an AAUW survey of 1,965 students, nearly half the boys and girls grades 7-12 reported sexual harassment that included intimidation and unwelcome sexual behavior. According to the New York Times, "what bothered [young women] most was something different, and far less likely to be covered under the common rubric of the bullying prevention program: unwelcome sexual comments, jokes or gestures."
How to Start Your NIOS Club What is a NIOS Club and What Are Its Benefits? A NIOS club is a group of students at a school site who lead activities to make their school safe, accepting, and inclusive and also address bullying and intolerance. The club serves as a hub for NIOS work and assures that NIOS initiatives are student-led. NIOS clubs can influence a shift and transformation to create an identity-safe school climate. An identity safe climate is one where students from all ethnic and religious groups, gender orientation and backgrounds feel welcomed and included. Determine Who Will Participate A NIOS club works best when it has representatives from many groups at school. The club can either be a coalition of members from different clubs or its own unique club. In either case, it is good to coordinate with the other student clubs on campus. Student leaders from all sectors (ASB, sports, different ethnic clubs, Gay-Straight Alliance) who influence others make good members. Also consider recruiting some students who are not already the most successful. While it takes a bit more time, you might see that a student can transform as they move into the role of leadership in a meaningful way. It is also important to have students from various grade levels to assure continuity from year to year.