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Galvanized Souls, an award-winning alternate rock band based in Southern California, uses their melodic harmonies to reach out to young people with a powerful message of hope. Known as a “band that takes a stand”, Galvanized Souls advocates for issues that affect many teenagers today. Their newest music video for their original song, “Carry On,” addresses bullying and the healing power of positivity and community. “Carry On” was written as an anthem meant to inspire young people to be brave and to take a stand against bullying. The music video for “Carry On” features the story of Colin, a young boy who struggled with bullying in school and felt he had no friends. In February, Colin’s mother created a Facebook page to help celebrate Colin’s 11th birthday. After receiving more than two million Facebook friends, support from around the world, and a surprise birthday party from Good Morning America, Colin and his family felt the need to give back by telling their story through music. Colin’s collaboration with Galvanized Souls showcases the strength of encouraging words and showing solidarity in the face of bullying. Watch this powerful video and share Galvanized Souls’ musical message:  
What's happening across the country for Bullying Prevention Month—and this is just the first week! is sponsoring the Stop Bullying Challenge, a PSA campaign for youth to make videos to show how they’re more than a bystanderThis contest gives young people another way to create a more positive and healthy environment in their schools and communities. Youth between 13 and 18 years old are invited to submit original PSAs, 30-60 seconds long by Oct. 14 at 11 p.m. EST. Watch this invitation from Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education  Pacer, the national organization that initiated Bullying Prevention Month is promoting Unite Against Bullying Wednesday, Oct. 10 is Unity Day, a special event during National Bullying Prevention Month. The key message is, “Make it Orange, Make it End!”