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Bullying Prevention Month: Some Favorite Actions in Week 1

What's happening across the country for Bullying Prevention Month—and this is just the first week!

StopBullying.gov is sponsoring the Stop Bullying Challenge, a PSA campaign for youth to make videos to show how they’re more than a bystander

This contest gives young people another way to create a more positive and healthy environment in their schools and communities. Youth between 13 and 18 years old are invited to submit original PSAs, 30-60 seconds long by Oct. 14 at 11 p.m. EST.

Watch this invitation from Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education 

Pacer, the national organization that initiated Bullying Prevention Month is promoting Unite Against Bullying

Wednesday, Oct. 10 is Unity Day, a special event during National Bullying Prevention Month. The key message is, “Make it Orange, Make it End!”

This year, Anderson Cooper will wear orange as a sign of support on his daytime show “Anderson Live,” and Ellen DeGeneres will “tweet” about Unity Day to her 13 million Twitter followers.

Bully Movie + Sears

As of Oct. 1, more than 200,000 kids across the United States have gone on buses with their schools to watch Bully followed by activities to address bullying in their schools (Not In Our School participated in their Bay Area activities).

Save 15% at Sears throughout October with this savings pass http://bit.ly/PkGmIu and 5% goes back to anti-bullying charities (including Bully)!

The Cartoon Network

The Cartoon Network has excellent resources directed at kids ages 7-13. They have videos, activities and information for kids, educators and parents. Check out this feature: Kids ask questions and get video-recorded answers by bullying expert Rosalind Wiseman.

East Coast Championship Wrestling

This group of pro wrestlers have already sponsored a big anti-bullying event. They have a weekly message for young wrestlers about bullying for the month of October:

1. Positive thoughts
2. No judging
3. No Name-calling week
4. Take control of my life back from the bully


National Child Traumatic Stress Network

In support of Bullying Prevention Month, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) is providing resources for families, teens, educators, clinicians, mental health professionals, and law enforcement personnel on how to recognize, deal with, and prevent bullying.


Musicians and Celebrities are Reaching Out To Youth with Anti-bullying Songs and Raps

Tray Chaney aka Poot from HBO's The Wire created this music video  for youth and anyone with kids in school that may experience bullying.

Going Dark is a group comprised of lead singer and bassist Oliver Shaw, 12, guitarist LJ Militello, 14, and drummer Alex Fogg, 16. The anti-bullying video features Middleweight Champion Sergio Martinez, Holt McCallany (Fight Club, Lights Out, Golden Boy CBS), Colleen Zenk (Emmy nominated star of As The World Turns), Michael Park (two time Emmy winner, As The World Turns, B'way), Stephanie Pham (Model) and Susan Ridley, Ph.D., who also helped script the video.

Pacer has teamed up with Lil Crazed to help spread the TEASE Campaign (To Encourage a Safe Environment), an initiative to bring awareness to the rising amount of bullying that youth face today. They are using the track “Tick Tock,” featuring Andrew Garcia, to further the cause – with all profits going to the Pacer organization.

What has been inspiring you this month?

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