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By Becki Cohn-Vargas, Not In Our School Director All of us have experienced cruel behavior, either as a participant, victim or witness. The Not In Our School “Break Bullying”public service announcement, donated by the MAKE ad agency, appears to bring back those bad memories. The announcement depicts adults in a professional environment re-enacting the personal middle school bullying experience of the director, Mike Nelson. His point: If we would not stand for this at work, why do we stand for it happening to kids in schools? The purpose of the PSA is to make us want to do something—to intervene, unlike the co-workers who watch their colleague pushed to the floor.
Thank you for your interest in writing for the blog. Like our films, our blog features stories, solutions and discussions relevant to those who are working together to make their towns and schools safe and inclusive for all. We are interested in blog posts that address or model the following: What communities and schools can do when hate comes to town What communities and schools can do to prevent hate, bias and intolerance Student led anti-bullying and anti-bias activities, programs, and solutions Anti-hate or anti-bias activities or campaigns in communities and towns The role of educators, civic leaders, law enforcement and/or interfaith leaders in the fight against hate and intolerance Supporting victims of hate The hate crime reporting gap Guest posts should: Be useful to the Not In Our Town community Not be self-promotional or include marketing links, though authors may link back to their site in their author bio (see below) Be original, and include hyperlinks to source all facts quoted in the blog post Length: 500-750 words