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dissolving stereotypes

Court of Appeals Upholds Affirmative Action at University of Texas at Austin In a 2-1 ruling, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decided that the University of Texas at Austin can use affirmative action in their admissions decisions, according to Politico. This ruling is a response to a suit filed in 2008 by Abigail Fisher, a white student who opposed the University’s affirmative action program, alleging that it is discriminatory against white applicants from high-achieving high schools. The affirming judges stood by the University’s use of race in a “holistic” admissions process.
What is the societal stereotype of a beautiful woman? How many women really fit that image? Stereotypes are a normal way humans organize the world in our minds, so what harm can a simple stereotype about beauty do to the vast majority of people who do not fit that image? And what about people who get stereotyped as "not smart" or "fat?” What about a whole ethnic group that gets stereotyped? The website Who's That Lady Entertainment aims to "document achievements of women that don't normally get a chance to shine on a regular basis." Read this interview with Who's That Lady Entertainment Creative Director Belinda Trotter-James and reflect on what stereotypes are in your life and how we all can work to go beyond the stereotypes and truly "see" one another.   —Becki Cohn-Vargas, Not In Our School Director What is 'Who’s That Lady Entertainment' and why are you doing it?
  The NSLC group is composed of high school students. International students from   American University's Discover the World of Communications summer program  also participated in the activities. Photo. This summer, NIOS presented at UC Berkeley to high school students from the National Student Leadership Conference and American University’s Discover the World of Communications summer programs. Students from around the U.S. and as far away as Dubai, Syria, Australia, Korea and China shared their insights and learned more about the bullying prevention work of Not in Our School.