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 In Cleveland, Ohio, Not In Our Town partner Facing History is unveiling an exciting new exhibit: Choosing To Participate, “a multifaceted educational and civic initiative that challenges us to think deeply about what democracy means and what it asks of each of us.” Consisting of a travelling multimedia exhibit, public events, and a website that allows users to participate in the exhibit and access online resources, Choosing To Participate is a truly innovative and essential new initiative.
We were honored to witness students from Shaw High School in East Cleveland, Ohio as they trained elementary school students to stand up to bullying.  Last week, NIOT producer Kelly Whalen and I traveled to Cleveland to film Not In Our School segments at two local high schools. Peer to peer learning is a core practice in Lori Urogody-Eiler’s Facing History class—and her students have found a way to pass on her methods.  Alana  Ferguson  remembers the regular harassment she received for being “too studious” in elementary school.  Alana shared a story about being thrown into a trash can, and told her fellow students how painful it was to go to school and stay focused on her school work.  The perpetrators include some of her current classmates in Ms. U’s class.